In my recent post, Thriving during quarantine?, I mentioned that I would be sharing some of my strategies for managing life during COVID. I suggest taking the strategies that work for you, and leaving the rest. 

Can’t wait to hear what works for you!

Seeing life in modes or stages

Way back in the day, I realized the power of seeing life in stages or modes, instead of seeking perfect balance at all times. (A surefire recipe for stress.)

For me, this means seeing COVID at the time to press pause on things like dating, building an in-person community, and killing it at the gym, and focusing instead on getting my business streamlined and automated. I name this period “business sprinting” and when we’re free to move about freely again, I’ll likely move into “business maintenance mode” for awhile.

For you, it might be that COVID is the most intense period you’ve had in a long time. Or it’s offered you down time. It might be it’s the time to undertake a big project. It might be that it’s time to step back from your business.

Recognizing and naming the period that you’re in is like a permission slip for your brain to accept where you are, instead of resisting reality.

Here are some ideas:

  • Growth mode
  • Launch mode
  • Maintenance mode
  • Sprint mode
  • Chaos mode

Take actionRead this piece on The Cycle of Years and this post on the concept of “This is the part where…”

Using the Monday Hour One process

Every Monday morning, I plan out my whole week, including my deep work sessions. Doing this helps me kick off my week with purpose, dedication, and intention.

It also ensures that I’m not on “the dim switch,” which is the place where you’re neither working nor relaxing. I’m either fully on or fully off. 

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Doing morning pages and/or thought downloads

Every morning, I do three pages of free writing. I consider this my mental hygiene routine.

A client of mine recently started morning pages and she commented that it’s “easier to observe [your thoughts] at a distance.”

Full disclosure: My three pages take me an hour, which I realize isn’t feasible for many people. I recommend that you write what you can, even if it’s one sentence. (And if you don’t want to write, that one sentence can be “I don’t want to write.” 

Take action: Listen to this podcast episode about morning pages, then do your own.

Entertaining “ridiculous” ideas

A few months ago, I joined a program called Best Month Ever with a coach named Jaclyn. The premise was simple: Have your best business revenue month ever.

It sounds like a ridiculous undertaking during a pandemic, but it was so powerful to be surrounded by other people who also believed that it was possible. (And I did indeed have my best month ever.)

There’s something ballsy and almost taboo about taking on a big challenge like this right now, like a naughty little secret. 

For my clients, the “ridiculous” idea for them is quitting procrastination, once and for all. 

Take action: What “ridiculous” idea or challenge would light you up during this time? Finally finishing that big project? Losing that extra weight? Taking a sabbatical from your business? 

Being part of like-minded communities

In addition to the Best Month Ever program, I’ve also invested in other programs to be surrounded by people who are directing their energy toward the same things as me.

I joined Bank Boost to be with people who are being conscious about their earning and spending during this time, and a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion coaching program with Mica McGriggs to be with other white women who want to incorporate anti-racism into their businesses.

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Here are a few other things that have contributed to my mental health during quarantine:

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