If you’ve said “I’m just not creative” or “I have trouble focusing” within the past year, this episode is for you.

In this solo episode, I discuss morning pages — three unscripted pages of free writing every morning — and the benefits that you might see if you choose to do morning pages.

Those benefits include stretching yourself creatively, improving your decision-making skills, accessing your intuition and inner wisdom, learning to be more present, understanding your dreams and their subconscious meanings more fully, and perhaps most importantly, dramatically increasing your self-awareness. Bonus benefit: Dedicated time without your phone in hand!

In the second half of the episode, I discuss the prompts that I use daily, including a five senses check-in, gratitude and appreciation lists, dream interpretation, and a values check-in.

Resources mentioned:

  • Books: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and Active Dreaming by Robert Moss
  • The Pique Coaching Workbook: Nine prompts designed to help you harness the combined power of your logical brain and your intuition
  • Pique Coaching Emails: The Cult of…