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Note: The deep work guide is no longer available for free. I would love for you the experience “transformative” and “generative” power of deep work (my clients’ words). I believe having skin in the game increases your buy-in, which in turn increases your chances of success. Enjoy! 

"Embarrassingly, I got more done in an hour than I did all week [after downloading this guide.]"
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Hey, I’m Cristina, a Certified Life Coach, and deep work (read: focused, uninterrupted work) is what I coach my clients on. 

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  • Potential pitfalls to look out for when doing deep work—and how to solve them
  • Access to me for virtual speed coaching, in case you hit any roadblocks
  • A repeatable process that you can use every day
  • Shock and awe at how you productive and focused you can be when you work this method

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