Are you ready to do more high-quality, high-impact work?

You know that doing focused, uninterrupted work would be beneficial for you, both personally and professionally.

But somehow you always end up working on trivial things; letting yourself get distracted; and consistently avoiding the “hard” or “boring” work on your to-do list.

(If you're thinking "Is she in my brain?" I promise I'm not. I've just seen this hundreds of times.)

The antidote is deep work.

Here's life with deep work:

  • Intentionally carving out space to do your most high-impact work.
  • Learning to manage distractions and stay on-task.
  • Generating productive feelings (like motivation) on demand.

But here's the #1 problem that comes up for people:

Is this you? You’re bought in to the idea of deep work. You want to make it work. You have things you want to get done.

But you’ve tried “focused work” once or twice. Maybe even picked up a book like Deep Work or Atomic Habits—and then quit. 

It’s not your fault. This shit is hard, and up until now, there’s been no crystal-clear instruction manual.  

Books like Atomic Habits and Deep Work

You need the "how," and I've got it. Introducing:

The guide for how to get into a deep work state

Consider this your “deep work starter kit,” so that you can finally knock out that high-impact, high-quality work and move your personal and professional dreams forward.  

  • Stop procrastination in its tracks.
  • Stay on task, come hell or high water.
  • Manage your mind as it rebels.
  • Create work that you're insanely proud of.
"Embarrassingly, I got more done in an hour than I did all week [after downloading this guide.]"
Real estate agent
"I have to share this with you because I am literally walking on sunshine right now! I did a deep work state and...I got everything done that I wanted to!"
Chief Operating Officer
“I just did the entire deep work state process....and guess what: It was fabulous! Thanks. Lots done in 45 minutes.”
Small business owner
"OMG this is the greatest gift EVER. This is life changing."

What's inside:

$ 27 One-time investment
  • PDF: Your step-by-step guide for how to get into a deep work state in 15 minutes
  • Cheat sheet for your ongoing deep work cheat sheet
  • Guide: The most common pitfalls of deep work
  • Guide: Go-to strategies for making deep work even more effective


Hey, I’m Cristina, a Certified Life Coach, and deep work is what I coach my clients on. 

Here’s a little secret that I tell my clients: Deep work is so, so much more than you think it is now. I can’t wait for you to experience it. My clients call it “generative,” “life-changing,” and “transformational.” 

Note: The deep work guide is no longer available for free. I would love for you to experience the “transformative” and “generative” power of deep work (my clients’ words). I believe having skin in the game increases your buy-in, which in turn increases your chances of success. I believe that you can get a return on your investment in just one deep work session. Happy deep working! 

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Refund policy: If you’re used the deep work guide in full at least once and are not satisfied, I am more than happy to issue a refund. Just reach out to within 30 days of purchase, with confirmation that you’re used the process in full one time through.