Are you ready to complete those half-finished projects?

I want to you to pause and think of all of the half-finished projects that you have floating around in your personal and professional life. (I’ll give you a minute…) 

You know that you’re smart. You’re capable. You get things done. 

But all of those half-finished projects cluttering your physical and mental space? 

They drag you down, drain your energy, and erode your self-confidence.

You know that these projects are important, but...

All of that pressure you’re putting on the projects and yourself? Yeah, it’s not helping.

That’s the #1 mistake that I see my clients make when they first come to me: They think guilt-tripping and shaming themselves into finishing the project will work, but it actually makes things worse.

It’s the biggest lie we’ve been sold by society: That beating ourselves up generates the results that we want.

Are you ready to try a different way?

  • Leave behind white-knuckling your way through productivity hacks and tricks?
  • Stop leaving opportunities (not to mention money) on the table?
  • Work with your brain—not against it?
  • Take ownership of your projects, instead of leaving them at the whim of the “Motivation Fairy”?
  • Relish the sweet afterglow of pride and accomplishment that comes from finally finishing your projects?

Introducing: Half-Finished to Done, LIVE​

Half-Finished to Done, LIVE is the live 8-week group coaching program where you’ll learn how to nip procrastination in the bud, complete your projects, + create the results that you want in your life.

In short: You’ll become a project finisher, once and for all.

Half-Finished to Done: The Course


  • Start a bunch of new projects
  • Drop those projects when you get bored, overwhelmed, or frustrated
  • Feel guilty, disappointed, and embarrassed about your deserted projects
  • Use the half-finished projects as evidence that you’re not committed or dedicated enough
  • Never get the sense of completion that always feels just out of your grasp, even though you crave it


  • Thoughtfully choose what project to pursue
  • Generate productive feelings of motivation, empowerment, commitment, and dedication—on demand
  • Execute with a project plan, proactively anticipating obstacles and strategies
  • Use the finished projects as evidence that you're gritty and tenacious
  • Sit with the feelings of pride and accomplishment that come from a completed project
“I knew all of the things to do…I needed someone to help me figure out why I’m not going from ‘information' to ‘implementation.’
"[This is the program] I never knew I needed. I recommend this for those who call themselves 'idea people' who have trouble with follow-through."
"Half-Finished to Done, LIVE is like having a kickass owner's manual/training program for the most radically powerful piece of technology you will ever have: Your mind."

Want to hear more about the program in my clients' words? Just hit play:

This isn't the only option out there...

But—as far as I know—it’s the only program specifically designed for people like you, who:
  • Have a history of leaving lots of projects half-finished
  • Are ready to get to the root cause of why they don't finish things
  • Are over trying to shame and beat themselves up into change
  • Are starting to believe that there's no one tool, tip, or strategy out there that will solve everything
  • Recognize that a finished project is great, but that this process is really about getting to know yourself

Here's what's included:

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Book a consult call before the clock hits 0:00:00:

Wondering why I can paint such a vivid picture? I am the “before” and “after”

Hi, I’m Cristina Roman, and I’m a reformed half-finished project person. (Say that five times fast.)

I used to joke that the internet was scattered with my half-finished projects. Beneath the joke was a feeling that I wasn’t committed or focused enough to just follow through. Once the novelty of a new project wore off, I was off in search of the next shiny project to sink my teeth into.

Using the method that I will teach you, I revamped the way that I take on and finish projects in my personal and professional life. I’ll leave you with this: This is work worth doing. 

"Thank you for the recommendation to join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE. I really did need a group of new, like-minded, passionate, vulnerable people in my life."
"Thank you to you for showing me that until I reprogram this talk track in my head, I will not move from where I stand. Also thank you for reminding us that the tool is not the answer. There is no magic planner, hack, program that will change everything...Thank you to my cohort for their vulnerability which can allow me to see and learn things that apply to me."


A project is anything that you want to create, that can be clearly defined and given a clear end point. 

Here are some real examples from past participants:

  • A Tarot course⁣⁣
  • A data dashboard
  • A job search course⁣⁣
  • A weight loss journey⁣⁣
  • A research project⁣⁣
  • A thesis⁣⁣
  • A music album ⁣⁣ 
  • An HR project⁣⁣ 
  • A home organization project⁣⁣
  • A job search⁣⁣ project
  • A racial justice project⁣⁣
  • A book proposal ⁣⁣

Here are some other examples: You might want to finish your screenplay or a book; write an ebook or course for your business; finally finish decorating your home; revamp a process in your day job; make a plan for finally learning that language you’ve been talking about for years; or finally hit that savings goal by getting your side hustle up and running. 

We’ll take into account the other ongoing tasks that are already on your plate. 

There are two 90-minute calls per week: One teaching call and one coaching call. 

I highly recommend that you attend live, but if you can’t make it, you can catch the recording. 

In addition, you will be spending about 65 minutes per week on the course reading and doing the assignments, plus the time you’ll spend executing on your project, which is up to you.

It’s time-intensive, but so worth it. 

On each call, I’ll coach people who have volunteered, as everyone else watches from the comfort of their own homes 🙂 

It takes vulnerability and courage to be coached live—it’s a very meta process; just volunteering to be coached can be a transformative step in and of itself, regardless of what comes out of the session. 

I’ve heard many times that people’s biggest epiphanies came from other people getting coached, not themselves.

I’m so tempted to give you a 100% money-back guarantee. But I’m not going to. Here’s why: When you invest money, you take ownership, go all in, and surprise yourself with how much grit you have in you.

When your brain is distracted by the idea of a money-back guarantee, that doesn’t happen as easily. It’s time to go all in. 

This isn’t for you if: 

  • You’re not ready to invest 8 weeks and $799 into solving this problem forever 
  • You’re already thinking about how to get out of the assignments
  • You’d rather DIY your way to a solution
  • You’re not comfortable with direct feedback
  • You don’t have a project in mind that you’d like to work on
  • You’re not willing to open to a group of strangers

Otherwise, I’ll see you inside! 

Besides finishing all those half-finished projects and becoming a totally different person in the process? My goodness, you ask for a lot 😉

I’m going to let my clients tell you! When I asked what their biggest takeways and wins were from our time together, here’s what they said:

“Taking time to be curious about my thoughts, thinking of a goal and identifying all you need to do and not do to achieve it; then making a plan to handle items from the list; unconditional love [for myself].”

“Recognizing that I can commit time, energy, and money into myself and betterment. Realizing some things about myself that I hadn’t before and admitting to some others. Seeing how much is available to me and others who want to work on bettering themselves.”

“My biggest takeaway is that life coaching is very helpful and something I’d like to continue to have as a resource…life coaching is…about giving you tools to create the future you want for yourself.”

“Having someone to hold you accountable to things really does help with change. An outside person to talk to with new experience and skills is extremely helpful to see new things.””I have the ability to change if I set my mind to it and stick with it.”

“I am the only one holding me back from getting what I want.”

“Everyone is going through their own struggles…so keep that in mind when judging or moving through life.”

“This shit is hard and cool AF.”


I extend an invitation to participate in Half-Finished to Done, LIVE if we’ve first “met” on a video call. Book a free consult call so that we can ensure that it’s a mutual fit. 

We’ll meet on Zoom video for 30 minutes, get to know each other a bit, and do some speed coaching, so that you can see everything in action. (Take the car for a test-drive before you buy it, if you will.) 

"I have already recouped my investment and then some..."
"Working through the many things we've discussed together has made such a difference in my everyday life and happiness - I can't thank you enough."
"Cristina [and this program] showing up for me a few months before all this pandemic chaos was an absolute GOD SEND (quote me)."