Introducing: Half-Finished to Done, LIVE

Welcome! You’re here because you want to learn how to stop procrastinating, so that you can finish all of those half-done projects in your business.

When you think of these projects, you likely feel disappointed, frustrated, and overwhelmed—which makes you avoid them even more. 

That’s the #1 mistake that I see my clients make when they first come to me: They think guilt-tripping and shaming themselves into finishing the project will work, but it actually makes things worse. 

What do you say we try a different way?

(A way that involves less beating yourself up and feeling like shit, and more clear, proactive, intentional action.) 

Introducing: Half-Finished to Done, LIVE

Nip procrastination in the bud, complete your projects, + create the results that you want in your business and life

Half-Finished to Done, LIVE is the live, interactive, 8-week group coaching program.

You’re smart, you’re capable, you get shit done.

But all of those half-finished projects cluttering your physical and mental space? Not only are they draining your energy and eroding your self-confidence, they’re blocking you from seeing what you’re truly capable of. It’s time to unlock all of that untapped potential, once and for all.

Half-Finished to Done: The Course
"Half-Finished to Done, LIVE is like having a kickass owner's manual/training program for the most radically powerful piece of technology you will ever have: Your mind."
Half-Finished to Done, LIVE grad



"I need[ed] someone to help me figure out why I wasn't going from ‘information' to ‘implementation.’"
Half-Finished to Done, LIVE grad

Wondering why I can paint such a vivid picture? I am the “before” and “after”

Hi, I’m Cristina Roman, and I’m a reformed half-finished project person. (Say that five times fast.)

I used to joke that the internet was scattered with my half-finished projects. Beneath the joke was a feeling that I wasn’t committed or focused enough to just follow through. Once the novelty of a new project wore off, I was off in search of the next shiny project to sink my teeth into.

Using the method that I will teach you, I revamped the way that I take on and finish projects in my personal and professional life. My belief “I don’t follow through” has become “Of course I’ll follow through; I’m a damn finisher.”

Half-Finished to Done, LIVE grads are winning left and right:

“[This is] the course I never knew I needed. I recommend this for those who call themselves 'idea people' who have trouble with follow-through."
"Thank you to you for showing me that until I reprogram this talk track in my head, I will not move from where I stand. Also thank you for reminding us that the tool is not the answer. There is no magic planner, hack, program, etc that will change everything. There is only a decision and an action. Thank you to my cohort for their vulnerability which can allow me to see and learn things that apply to me."
"Thank you for the recommendation to join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE. I really did need a group of new, like-minded, passionate, vulnerable people in my life."
"I have already recouped my investment and then some..."
"Working through the many things we've discussed together has made such a difference in my everyday life and happiness - I can't thank you enough."
Adrienne S.
"Cristina [and this program] showing up for me a few months before all this pandemic chaos was an absolute GOD SEND (quote me)."
Kyle S.

Your investment: $899

If you're seriously considering taking the leap into Half-Finished to Done, LIVE:

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