Overcome procrastination and finish the projects in your business

Welcome to The Half-Finished to Done Podcast.

(Formerly known as The Pique Podcast.) 

Half-Finished to Done is a podcast for passionate business owners like you, who are ready to stop procrastinating and start finishing extraordinary projects.

How to Take Action on Your Projects in Your Business + How to Build Habits

How to Take Action

Do you ever feel like you can’t get yourself to act, even though you say you want to? If you want to finish extraordinary projects in your business, you need

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What to do if productivity methods and systems haven't worked for you

Productivity Baggage

If you’ve tried something in the past to solve your business challenges and you feel like it didn’t work, this episode is for you. Clients who join my program, Half-Finished

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Half-Finished to Done Podcast: Productivity Power Zone

Your Productivity Power Zone

As a Procrastination Coach, people bring tons of issues to me: Half-finished projects, clutter, punctuality, procrastination, struggling to focus, and so much more.  One day, I realized that every single

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The 5 Types of Project ROI

The 5 Types of Project ROI

If your brain is prioritizing the status quo instead of taking on an exciting, challenging, daunting new project, nothing’s gone wrong. That’s just the way that your brain is wired.

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How to Do Hard Projects

Do you keep pushing your most hard and daunting projects to the back burner? Although this is a common reaction to challenging projects, it’s a habit that you can change.

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Before you go: Don’t forget your guide for beating procrastination in 10 minutes!