Monday Hour One Workshop for Biz Owners

Take back your business by mastering the Monday Hour One process

This is the workshop for you if:

Do your days run you, instead of you running them? 

The solution: a Monday Hour One practice.

Here’s life after implementing a Monday Hour One practice:

"Thanks so much for an awesome workshop. I implemented it today (definitely imperfectly, but got it done!) and I got so. much. done. It's crazy!! Super excited to keep going with this and see where it takes me."
Workshop attendee

The details:


  • You must be willing to show up on video from a quiet place on the day of.
  • Please read through the entire Monday Hour One post so that you understand the basic concept before the workshop. 
  • There is a $50 fully refundable deposit to save your spot. If you show up on on time and on video, you get your money back. If you bail, consider it a $50 lesson 😉


  • Kickoff and group introductions
  • Understanding why Monday Hour One isn’t traditional time blocking
  • How to actually implement Monday Hour One in your business
  • 5 pro tips to take your practice to the next level
  • Live, personalized coaching on your hesitations and obstacles
  • Recap and takeaways

The next workshop:

Thursday, 1/28 at 9:30am ET (8:30am CT, 7:30am MT, 6:30am PT, 3:30pm CET)

About the host:

I’m Cristina Roman, a Certified Life Coach. 

I work with business owners who feel like they’re surrounded by half-finished projects in their business.

We work to solve the root of the problem, not just the symptoms, so that they can finally overcome project procrastination, once and for all. 

Here's what people say after the workshop:

"I've been more focused and productive today than any other Monday morning in a while. I even put everything in my calendar. Winning the day, week and my life. You are awesome, thank you for this process.”
Workshop attendee
"I'm really enjoying the system. It's like NEXT NEXT NEXT LEVEL productivity. Wow."
Workshop attendee
"So many aha moments in such a short period of time."
Workshop attendee
"The [workshop] has been helpful in validating that I'm not broken - just need a bit of reprogramming."
Workshop attendee
"Thanks SO MUCH for this morning. I really enjoyed it and got a LOT out of the workshop."
Workshop attendee