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Hi, I’m Cristina Roman, a Certified Life Coach.

Just call me the Master Excavator, because I’m ready to dig deep to help you get the results you want in your life.

I’m obsessed with the mind, intuition, creativity, and what really makes people tick. (Spoiler: It’s not usually money.) I half-joke that I’m the Cross Legged Coach; I keep things casual but wildly impactful ’round these parts. 

You don’t need hand-holding, fluffy words of affirmation, or someone to cheerlead you.

(Though I may do those things occasionally.)

You need no-frills, high-impact coaching to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

(Even if you don’t know where that is yet.)

In a word: Clarity.

In a sentence: We work with your thoughts,
which are the starting point for all of your results.

Let me paint a picture with this cheesy climbing analogy:

Base camp

You’re technically where you always thought you wanted to be, but you’re dissatisfied, antsy, and burnt out. Let’s flesh out why.

The trek

We double-down with personalized, intensive coaching to uncover what’s going on in your mind and gut, so that we can reconnect the two. Get ready, this is where the discomfort, growth and joy happens.


Ah, clarity. You’re taking intentional, practical actions that stem from your intuition and are supported by your mind. Welcome to the peak.

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Have hesitations?

Here are the three most common objections that I hear from potential clients like you:

I understand the sentiment. Interestingly, coaching has made it into the mainstream in many areas and industries — sales coaching, leadership coaching, sports coaching — but not the foundation of all of it: Life.

Let me ask you this: Do you look down on Tiger Woods or Roger Federer for having a coach? Absolutely not. They understand the value of bringing in an experienced, trained specialist to help navigate pitfalls and roadblocks, as well as replicate and amplify current successes.

(And the good news is that, unlike their coaches, I don’t charge millions. Yet.)

If you knew without a shadow of a doubt that this method could bring you the results that you want in your life, I guarantee that you would be willing to invest the time, money, and energy. (That’s not a figure of speech — I really do guarantee it; see below.) 

Your hesitation to commit stems from doubt. Here’s the question that I pose to my clients: Do you believe or are you open to believing that this will work for you? If it’s not a resounding yes, this isn’t for you.

So here’s your big guarantee: If it is truly a top priority for you to create more money, feel like you have more time, and increase your energy, you will have those things before we finish our time together. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial — with my full refund policy, that’s a promise.

Here’s the great news: I don’t need to understand your industry, your role, your finances, or your relationship to coach you on them. My job is to help you see your mind and all of the ripple effects that it’s creating in your life.

I do this by using my superpowers: Insightful question asking to get you thinking differently, impeccable listening skills to hear what you’re saying and not saying, stellar pattern recognition to piece together disparate parts of the puzzle of your life, and an uncompromised commitment to holding a neutral, impartial space to allow you to process fully.

Something similar that I hear from clients is “I can just talk to my friends and family, because they know me.” I usually half-jokingly respond: “That’s the problem. They know you.” Friends and family are great support systems, but they don’t offer the #1 thing that a coach offers: An unbiased, fresh perspective, dedicated solely to you and your well-being.

(And, if I may be so blunt, are you actually having these kinds of deep, growth-oriented conversations with your friends and family regularly anyway? Most people that I speak to aren’t.)

If you’re intrigued, here’s your next step:

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