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Hi, I’m Cristina Roman,

a Certified Life Coach.

I coach my clients on overcoming procrastination, once and for all.

Feel like you’ve already tried every productivity hack, test-driven every time management system, and read every book about habits—and nothing has clicked permanently? Then you’re in the right place. 

This is the home of soon-to-be former procrastinators who feel like they’ve tried everything. (You could say that I love a challenge…)

Let’s get to the root of why you procrastinate, so that you can start creating the results that you want in your business.

You don’t need hand-holding, fluffy words of affirmation, or someone to cheerlead you.

(Though I may do those things occasionally.)

You need no-frills, high-impact coaching to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be with your business projects.

Here’s what you’re likely leaving on the table by not solving this half-finished project challenge:


This looks like procrasti-cleaning, procrasti-learning, searching for the “perfect” tool, second-guessing yourself, hemming and hawing over decisions—these are just some of the clever ways that we keep ourselves from finishing those projects. (I’ve heard it all!) 


This looks like spending money on courses, books, and programs that you’re not really committed to, but it’s also about the opportunity cost that you leave on the table when you’re not putting your work out into the world and charging for it. 


This looks like beating yourself up, feeling guilty but not actually taking action, thinking about all of your half-done projects but not choosing one to pursue to completion, and keeping yourself stuck in the “half-finished project vortex,” as I not-so-fondly call it. 

Here's the solution:

Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, the program for business owners who are ready to finally take charge of all of those half-finished projects. 

Your before + after:​

These seemingly innocent sentences are keeping you stuck, unfocused, and unproductive. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

I have no doubt that this is possible for you—I’ve seen it happen so many times. You’re no exception. (Which is great news!)

Let me paint a picture of this journey with this cheesy climbing analogy:

Base camp

You’re smart and you’re capable. But you can’t seem to stop procrastinating and start moving toward what you want. Let’s figure out why.

The trek

We double-down with personalized, intensive coaching to uncover what’s going on in your mind and gut, so that we can reconnect the two. Get ready, this is where the discomfort, growth and joy happens.


Ah, clarity. You’re taking intentional, practical actions that stem from your intuition and are supported by your mind. Welcome to the peak.

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