I bet you need to hear this: Your half-finished project—the one that you’ve put on the back burner—matters.

(Will you judge me if I tell you that I teared up while writing that line?☝️)

You might be like, “Cristina, you don’t even know me or my project.”

But I don’t care. Your project matters in this world.

I don’t care how selfish or trivial you think it is; the truth is that you have things you want to do, or create, or say, or teach, or feel.

And I believe with all of my heart that one small project can be a gateway to a version of you that you can’t quite imagine yet; the version of you who’s confident, courageous, and focused enough to say and do and create and teach and feel those things.

And the world needs more of that.

I also want to address the 🐘 in the room: We’re in the midst of unprecedented times. For some people, this is absolutely not the time to focus on changing life-long procrastination habits and becoming a focused, productive project finisher.

For others, there is literally no better time than now.

Which one are you?

P.S. Here’s how one client described our work: “It’s like having a kick-ass owner’s manual/training program for the the most radically powerful piece of technology you will ever have: Your mind.” Heck yes.

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