The Pique Podcast: Six universal teachings that have change my life
In this solo episode of The Pique Podcast, I mock myself and my overuse of the phrase “life changing.” Jokes aside, I dig into the six understandings that have changed the trajectory of my life. I pull from many universal teachings, that I’ve learned by way of Eckhart Tolle, Jess Lively, Brooke Castillo, Cal Newport, and the Quakers.
    1. The Power of Now
    2. Travel (especially further understanding what I can and cannot control)
    3. Intuitive work
    4. The self-coaching model
    5. Deep work
    6. The belief that we all have a light within us
I firmly believe that I was introduced to each of these things in the order that I needed them in my own life. They all layer on top of each other to form a pretty freaking empowering worldview. Happy listening.

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