Want to spend more time without technology? Here are more than 100 things that you can do — offline. 

  1. Brainstorm a list of goals that you can accomplish with deep work
  2. Implement that project that’s been on your “big ideas” list forever
  3. Do morning pages
  4. Print out The Pique Coaching Workbook and self-coach yourself
  5. Print out The Pique Coaching Career Workbook and spend time thinking exploring job options 
  6. Do a jigsaw puzzle 
  7. Do a logic puzzle, printed out from online 
  8. Cook a fancy meal
  9. Meal plan 
  10. Clean
  11. Play a board game
  12. Take a walk
  13. Write a letter
  14. Start writing a book 
  15. Take a class (improv, art, music, etc) 
  16. Paint 
  17. KonMari your house 
  18. Visit a museum
  19. Daydream
  20. Meditate
  21. Work out
  22. Volunteer
  23. Host your friends 
  24. Read
  25. Take a bath
  26. Fix something around the house
  27. Nap
  28. Go to a park
  29. Go to a fair or flea market
  30. See a comedy show
  31. Go to a cultural event
  32. Play tennis or pick up basketball 
  33. Garden or visit a garden 
  34. Superthink 
  35. Swim
  36. Chat with a stranger
  37. Make a bucket list
  38. Do 5-minute poems based on words of the day
  39. Write a letter to your future or past self
  40. Make a beeswax candle
  41. Sit at a coffeeshop and people watch
  42. Take a bus on a new route
  43. Get off at every train stop and wander around the neighborhood
  44. Do a no-grocery challenge
  45. Clean out a drawer or filing cabinet
  46. Make or fix a piece of furniture
  47. Learn a new language
  48. Revamp a process in your business or at work
  49. Get colleagues or friends together and workshop new ideas on a whiteboard
  50. Do a blind taste test of food or drinks
  51. Brainstorm 5 dream careers that you would have in an alternate life
  52. Go to a bookstore and hole up in a section that you don’t normally explore
  53. Run errands
  54. Browse a thrift store
  55. Talk to people about their weird hobbies
  56. Find a concept in a non-fiction book and connect it back to your industry or role somehow
  57. Learn calligraphy 
  58. Take a bike ride
  59. Make a vision board
  60. Plan your next trip using only travel magazines
  61. Write to your intuition
  62. Record your dreams and find the themes
  63. Experiment with essential oil mixes
  64. Teach yourself long division again 
  65. Play with a kid
  66. Visit an animal shelter
  67. Hold a solo dance party
  68. Go to Daybreaker
  69. Visit an alcohol-free bar
  70. Go to an ecstatic dance meetup
  71. Go to a Meetup that has nothing to do with your normal interests
  72. Get your friends together for a Shut Up and Write session (all writing, minimal talking)
  73. Go to a networking event
  74. Attend a conference 
  75. Knit or crochet
  76. Discover a new store in your neighborhood
  77. Brainstorm how you can create the most value possible to the world
  78. Re-read your old writings 
  79. Make a photo album or scrapbook 
  80. Take yourself out for a picnic
  81. Go birdwatching
  82. Get a book about plants and take it out in nature
  83. Ask people you know if they’ll look into your eyes for 5 minutes straight
  84. Learn to hula hoop
  85. Critique your old theories and beliefs 
  86. Make an article of clothing
  87. Learn to sew
  88. Develop and name a new theory for your industry
  89. Learn 10 new words
  90. Write and perform a song
  91. Donate things that you’ve outgrown
  92. Feng shui (rearrange) your house
  93. Create a mind map for a challenge in your life or in the world
  94. Buy the Values Deck and use them as prompt alone or in a group
  95. Figure out how to automate one thing in your personal or professional life
  96. Do a do, dump, delegate, delay exercise with everything on your to-do list
  97. Write a gratitude/appreciation list
  98. Write an imagined Q&A to and from your biggest heroes
  99. Make your own picture book
  100. Sit and observe using your 5 senses
  101. Come up with a themed dinner idea
  102. Make your own list of 100 things to do without tech 😉