Want a real brain breaker? 🤯

Every single productivity challenge ever is just a combination of one or more of 4 challenges. 

Let’s back up.

When people sign up for my free guide for how to get into a deep work state in 15 minutes (grab it here, if you haven’t yet), they have the option to answer one additional question:

What is the #1 challenge that you’re struggling with in your life right now?

I’ve received hundreds of responses: Too much to do and too little time; I never finish projects; my house is a total disaster; everyone demands too much from me; I’m so overwhelmed; I’m always on to the next thing before I complete my current thing. And so on. 

Can you relate?

As the responses rolled in, I got to work categorizing and bucketizing them. 🤓 I searched for the common themes for months, until one day, it all clicked.

There are only 4 elements we need to consider: Time, focus, priorities, and commitment. 

If we solve for each of these in our lives, we find our Productivity Power Zone. And that’s where the magic happens: 

Your Productivity Power Zone

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