If you’re considering moving forward with a coaching package, but are struggling to find the money to invest, there are two exercises that I recommend checking out:

    1. The Money Generation Exercise

    2. 1-Hour Money Multiplier

Money generation exercise

Pick $3,000 (investment for 1:1 coaching), $699 (investment for group coaching program), and $199 (investment for the Half-Finished to Done course) as your goal. 

Ask yourself to brainstorm the 10 easiest, most fun ways that you could generate that money.

Even if it doesn’t end in you coaching with me, you might be surprised at what ideas you’re able to come up with when you put on the lens of easy and fun, and don’t let yourself stop until you have 10 ideas.

Seriously — do not stop before you have 10 ideas for either making the money and/or saving money. The beauty of this exercise is that it holds you accountable to going back what you think you’re capable of in terms of idea generation. (Which is a meta skill that will serve you well during coaching!)


Once you have the list of ideas, ask yourself what you would need to feel in order to put these ideas into action. 

1-Hour Money Multiplier

Sarah Von Bargen of the blog Yes and Yes has an awesome free resource called 1-Hour Money Multiplier

Here’s her promise: “60 minutes + 5 weirdly easy steps = more money in your bank account by this afternoon. Yes, really!” 

(I respect her so much that I even had her on for an episode of The Pique Podcast!) 

Need help?

You can reach out for support at hello@piquecoaching.co