Do you find yourself waiting on the “focus fairy”?

You love the feeling of being in flow, but it feels like it’s out of your control; like it comes and goes with no warning.

If you can master focused, deep work—that is, manage distractions and interruptions and stay single-mindedly focused on one high-impact task—then you can do anything. Seriously; this one skill is not to be underestimated.

Here’s how to measure the impact that this skill could have in your life: Ask yourself how much value you could create with one focused hour.

You could write a chapter in that course. Put together that weekly meal plan. Write 50 follow up emails. Send 10 pitches. Plan a webinar. Create 2 months of email content. Organize your home.

How much value—in the form of time, money, and energy—would these actions create in your life?

(I get giddy for you, thinking of all of the value you could create.)

This is why I teach a signature method for how to get into a deep work state in 15 minutes.

Here’s what people who have used the 15-minute deep work method say:

“OMG this is the greatest gift EVER..This is life changing.”

“Embarrassingly, I got more done in an hour than I had all week!” (He says embarrassing; I say amazing.)

“I just did the entire deep work state process….and guess what? It was fabulous! Thanks. Lots done in 45 minutes.”

Ready to take this work even deeper? (Pun intended.)

Take all of this work to the next level with the guide for how to get into a deep work state in 15 minutes.

Deep work state in 15 minute