A little story

Once a time, I used to respond personally to each and every email I got from people telling me the #1 challenge they were experiencing in their life.

Procrastination. Focus. Overwhelm. Clutter. Getting distracted.

I poured time, energy, and love into it. And I LOVED it, truly.

It gave me an opportunity to listen, problem solve, condense my best advice into bite-sized chunks, and give free value, before anyone had even paid me any money. 

Some people responded to my emails, engaged with the exercises I gave them, got incredible quick wins, and became paying clients, who invested in themselves through coaching. 

Lesson learned

But the vast majority — about 90% of people — never responded to my initial email or my follow ups. 

It bummed me out, but I learned such an important lesson: As a general rule, people need to have skin in the game — in the form of time, money, and energy — in order to get results.

No skin in the game meant no incentive to respond, and I learned that I can’t be more invested in someone’s success than they are.

Here’s the truth: I have no doubt that you and I could get results together. I’m that confident. I’d love the chance to prove it, and I’d love for you to give yourself the gift of taking massive action toward creating the life you want, by making a financial investment. 

Your next steps

The easiest (and cheapest) first step is to grab the guide for how to get into a deep work state in 15 minutes, for a cool $27. You’ll get written coaching from me there. 

Feeling bold? (Apparently I am, too!) Then head here to learn about the three ways that we can work together more intensively

Can’t wait to connect!