How to find your passion in 8 easy steps* ebook

*Okay, I admit it: this is the world’s most clickbait-y title ever. 

But it’s the story that the world has sold you — that finding your passion is easy, a copy-and-paste formula, and that you probablyyyy should have done it already.

What do you say we try a different approach? 

Let me start by breaking this down. 

Almost no one “finds” their passion by thinking constantly about how they don’t have one. 

Likewise, almost no one “finds” their passion just by doing exercises or worksheets — these are a great start, but they’re safe and passive.

I put quotes on “find” because using the word “find” implies that your passion already exists; you just need to find it. For most people I speak to, this line of thinking doesn’t lead to energized, directed action. It leads to a feeling of discouragement (“Why haven’t I found it yet?”) or even entitlement (“The world should have presented it to me by now,” though usually stated in more subtle words.) 

People feel like they’re smart, which means they should have nailed this by now. 

And — almost worst of all — people think they’re alone in not having a passion. At every age and with every gender, people are convinced that they’re the only ones struggling with “finding” their passion.

Lastly, we’ve been fed a story about passion. ← See that? Singular. What if your passion isn’t singular; it’s vast and innumerable?

So, what do I recommend? I do actually have an 8-step process for you, but know it’s not easy and it requires you to customize it for your life.

Ready? Download the 10-page ebook below.