What idea would you go all in on, if you trusted that you would follow through?

My clients asked themselves this question. Here’s what some of them came up with:

  • The musical album that had been on the “dream list” since she was seven
  • The payroll project that would increase collection of outstanding patient balances from 1% to up to 30%
  • The photography website that would highlight gorgeous, heartfelt photos of inspiring women
  • The Tarot course that would help people in their personal relationships
  • The data dashboard that would improve how everyone at the institution digests information
  • The community that would empower Black Americans to create living wills and other advanced directives

What’s your answer?

Almost every person I speak to knows what idea they would focus on. (Or, they have a ton of awesome possibilities, and just need to whittle it down).

But the lack of trust in themselves is what stands in their way. Can you relate?

Think about it like this: What if you could have a brilliant idea, make a thorough project plan, and then execute on that project plan, all the way to completion?

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If you want to learn how to take your personal and professional projects from half-finished to done, consistently, it might be for you.

Read to go all in on that idea?

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