This post is inspired by Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You How to Be Rich. He has no fear of getting a little sassy to make a point, and I love his no-B.S. style. 

All that to say: Prepare for some straightforwardness 😂 

I’ve done a ton of free mini coaching sessions and free 30-minute consults (<– Shameless plug) and I’m pretty dang accurate at predicting who’s actually going to invest in coaching and who’s not.

(Read: Who’s going to drag things out or ghost me after their consult 😬 ) 

I’m sharing this with you for three reasons:

  • It’s a good chance to be really honest with yourself about where you are currently, and own it if you’re not ready to invest in coaching.
  • I’ll be sharing tips on how to become a dream client, from the jump. Not for my sake (well, a little bit for my sake!) but for yours. It will save you so much money and heartbreak in future purchasing decisions, I promise. 
  • Selfishly, this saves me time, because it helps people self-select out before we even hop on a call.

6 signs that you might not be ready for coaching

You’re relying on me to prove myself to you

This can show up in a few different ways. If you’re very focused on my credentials, why I chose my pricing, or knowing the exact results that all of my clients have had, it likely means that you’re seeking to qualify or disqualify me as an “expert.”

This indicates that at least part of you thinks I’m responsible for your results, which, sadly, I can’t control. 

Focusing on me takes your attention away from your results and what you’ll need to do in order to create them, using the tools I provide to you. 

To be clear, I’m not saying don’t ask questions! Just know why you’re really asking them, and what you’re really trying to find out or assure yourself of.

If this is you: In consults, I’m very direct when I sense that someone is focusing on me instead of themselves. Be prepared to dig into why you’re asking the questions you’re asking, and what might be below them. (Hint: It’s usually fear and doubt.) 

You hold back, thinking that I haven’t earned your trust yet

I’ll start by saying that I do believe I should earn your trust, and I practice that on every single consult. 

But the irony of this mindset is that, when you hold back and don’t self-disclose, I can’t coach you as well. 

So, you’ll end up proving yourself right, because I won’t have a lot to go on. At the end of the call, you’ll likely think that I didn’t fully earn your trust or prove enough value.

If this is you: Remember that I can only coach you on what you’re willing to say. The more you’re willing to say out loud, the more we have to work with, and the more value you’ll get. Nothing phases me, so don’t be afraid to let it all hang out.   

You’ve signed up for multiple programs and courses at the same time

I work with a lot of people who identify as “course hoarders.” Often, the underlying thought here is “These things should be able to fix my problem.”

The problem is, this puts the onus on the product or service and actually disempowers you. Remember: These courses and programs are tools, but you’re the master craftsperson. 

Enrolling in multiple things at the same time also splits your attention, so you’re unlikely to get the full results that you would if you focused on one thing at a time. 

If this is you: I recommend implementing a course purchasing hiatus and choosing one thing to go all in on, to completion. I’m always happy to consult on how to do this.

You have a strong aversion to group coaching

This one is fascinating. I—perhaps like you—want 1:1 coaching sometimes, because I think I’m a special snowflake who needs very personalized attention for my very special problem :) 

But here’s the wild thing: Anyone I’ve spoken to who has rejected the idea of group coaching hasn’t enrolled in 1:1 coaching, either

Here’s what I suspect: Dismissing a group coaching program indicates that you think your problem is so unique that it can’t possibly be tackled in a group.

And I think that, deep down, it’s really the belief that your problem is so unique, that it can’t be tackled at all.

It will be hard for you to trust that anyone can help you (even 1:1) when you’re in that place. 

If this is you: I encourage you to entertain the idea that your problem isn’t as unique as you think it is. In fact, it’s just a combo of five things, always: Circumstance, thought, feeling, action, result. Lucky for you, I’m trained in how to break down any problem into those five components, then solve for it. 

You get upset when I sell

Look, I get it. The online business world can be scammy and sales-y as hell. I totally advise using caution when purchasing from self-proclaimed experts, including me. 

But get curious if you have a strong negative reaction when I sell. 

This can look like dismissing my free 30-minute consult offer as a “no-value sales pitch,” being upset when I send marketing emails, or thinking everything I offer should be free. 

If this is you: If you just want free resources, I encourage you to be upfront about that. Let me know and I’ll be sure to pay attention to what I send your way. Consider it a win/win to be upfront :) But also remember that there’s a connection between having skin in the game, financially, and how committed you’ll be to the process of change. 

You don’t crack a smile 

I’ve noticed a strong correlation between coachability and ability to laugh at oneself. 

This work can be heavy, no doubt, but I love to bring fun, laughter, and lightheartedness to all sessions. 

If this is you: I encourage you to start noticing when you’re taking yourself very seriously. How might a dose of lightheartedness shake things up for you and help you see things differently?

Note: Feeling unable to laugh at all might also be a sign of depression. If you suspect that you have undiagnosed depression, I encourage you to seek a licensed therapist. 

Remember: If any of these 6 descriptions fits you, that’s okay.

We actually can build a very successful coaching relationship, if you’re willing to let me call out these thought processes as I see them. 

The true test is booking a 30-minute consult and seeing what unfolds 🙌

And, as promised: 

6 tips for investing in yourself wisely

Sell yourself

Absorb free content from creators and coaches—as much as you can get your hands on—then choose to believe that their paid content will be even more valuable. Show up to the consult expecting to say yes to moving forward.

Pro tip: I keep a list of people I plan to purchase from in the future, because I love their free work. They’ve been selling me for years, and I don’t need any more convincing.

Be selective about your purchases, and go all in 

My rule is that I don’t enroll in something unless I’m ready to participate fully. Once I’m committed, I am committed, and I put the onus on myself to suck every bit of value out of the program or course.

Commit to making a 10x return on your investment (100x if you’re feeling wild)

I got this idea from Jaclyn Mellone, a coach. Now, when I enroll in anything, I commit to making back at least 10 times the amount I invested.

A $899 product like Half-Finished to Done, LIVE? Guarantee yourself that you’ll earn at least $8,990 because of it. 

For what it’s worth, I think this is 100% possible for anyone.  If you doubt your ability to do this, let’s coach on it. It’s a fun mind-expanding exercise.

Trust the expert 

Buy from people you trust, and then trust them. Enough said. 

Buy from a pro/pro place

I always recommend that potential clients do a pro/pro list about the decision to move forward with a Pique Coaching program. 

This process moves you out of fear and doubt and puts you in a place of excitement and opportunity.

Pay and book right away  

After a consult, go and enroll immediately. Practice being decisive and taking action. (This skill will serve you well in all of life.) 

This is a sign of respect to the person you’re buying from, but also yourself and your Future Self. 

Enjoy being a dream client!