If you’re not actively doing Monday Hour One these days, this one is for you.

Monday Hour One is a one-hour weekly investment

(To be generous, let’s say that it takes two hours, including a bit of tweaking and re-arranging throughout the week.)

Let me be bold: If you truly understood the return on investment of those two hours, you’d be doing Monday Hour One without question. You wouldn’t tolerate any more second-guessing from yourself about whether to do it or not.

In order to sell yourself, do these two things:

First, spend 10 minutes thinking of your average week. Add up the time that you spend feeling confused about what to work on; doing non-essential busy work; spinning in shame or self-doubt about your productivity; procrastinating; tweaking things endlessly to try and find elusive perfection; second guessing your goals, tasks, and projects; or dealing with internal conflict about what you should be working on. Put a dollar amount to all of that low-value time, based on your hourly rate.

This is your opportunity cost—what you leave on the table by not doing Monday Hour One.

Then, spend 10 minutes thinking of what you’d like an average week to be like. Now, double your idea of what’s possible. (Most people sell themselves short when creating a vision.) 

This is your best case scenario—which you leave on the table every time you don’t do Monday Hour One.

Let the magnitude of what you’re leaving on the table really settle in, then get ready to make your best case scenario a reality.

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