What do you love to do in your free time?

If that’s challenging for you to answer, we likely just found one of the reasons that you procrastinate.

When we don’t know what to do with our free time, we create less free time for ourselves.

And when we create less scheduled free time, we allow things to take way longer than they actually need to.

It’s Parkinson’s Law: Things expand to fill the space that you give them.

So, not only are you not enjoying your life as much as you could be, you’re actually reinforcing bad work habits every time you let something take longer than it needs to.

I want you to think of a time when you worked a half-week because you were going on vacation. You likely condensed five days of work down into three or four days.

You had a compelling reason to drop the non-essential pieces, be more efficient with your time, and stay focused. 

But you don’t need an upcoming vacation to compel you to be more efficient with your working hours. You can train yourself to focus on demand.

You can create more fun in your daily life (yes, even during COVID). I’ve had clients who took up hiking, finally learned how to cook, dabbled with another language, danced more, started playing tennis again —all because they weren’t procrastinating anymore.

If you think that a fascinating, fun, engaging life outside of work will damage your business, here’s your reminder that it’s actually the opposite. A thriving life outside of business actually strengthens your productivity and creativity.

So, as your resident Life Coach, I hereby prescribe you one giant dose of free time, to use as you please.

And—if you truly don’t want to pursue non-work interests—allow yourself to work long hours, but only if you’re efficient during the time you work. This is how you increase your capacity, because it requires you to fix your bad habits and double down on focus. 

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