When I talk to procrastinating business owners, this is how they describe their days:

“Kind of feel like a marionette- being pulled in different directions without any control…”

“I’m having challenges with making daily progress in my personal projects and experiencing frequent stress and anxiety.”

“Lack of focus or clear direction. Easily distracted, Waiting til the last minute to get serious about getting stuff done.”

“Indecision and analysis paralysis impacts my daily life.”

“I am easily distracted by the drama of daily news and other ways to procrastinate.”

“I never respect what I wrote in my calendar.”

“Priorities change quickly, easy to be overwhelmed. Then feel hopeless & defeated before beginning.”

“As a solopreneur, I have too many things to accomplish…As a recovering perfectionist I still struggle with when it’s time to quit refining and hit go.”

“I can’t seem to figure out what to do first.”

When I read things like this, I want to pull everyone into a big group huddle and lovingly yell:

You don’t need to suffer like this anymore. It’s all solvable. I can help you.

And I’m not just going to help you by giving you all of the answers; I’m going to help you access all of your own brilliant problem-solving—which I guarantee is much more strategic and wise than you even know.

It all starts with learning Monday Hour One, an all-in-one time blocking system.

Here’s the secret sauce behind Monday Hour One: It requires you to look at your thought processes, your feelings, and your actions—not just your actions, like most time management systems.

So all of that confusion, overwhelm, hopelessness, anxiety, defeat, and disempowerment?

We’ll study it, understand it, and change it.

Let’s join together to put an end to unnecessary suffering around productivity!

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