I recently shared this framework with a friend, who said it was exactly what she needed to hear. Maybe it’s what you need to hear, as well?

You might not know that back in the day, before I quit my job to pursue coaching full-time, I was a recruiter. About a month into starting this coaching business, I reconnected with an old client, who re-offered me a recruiting job at the very well-known and well-respected company he works for.

I thanked him sincerely and rejected the opportunity again, reminding him that I was sure I wanted to be a life coach. I joked that his job opportunity was a nice back-up plan for me. (He scolded me and told me that I shouldn’t stockpile back up plans, because that would distract me from giving this business everything I have.)

A few weeks later, another contact reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in taking on some contract recruiting work. I thanked her and let her know that I was honored that she thought of me, but that I was heads-down in my new business. I told her that while I was tempted to say yes, I needed to give my all to this.

Mind you, I wasn’t choosing between a thriving life coaching business and these amazing job opportunities. I was choosing a brand-spanking new seedling of a business with no paying clients and a hell of a lot of work ahead of me, instead of a high-paying job with guaranteed income and prestige.

These are what I call temptations from the universe. I see it as the universe pressure-testing my commitment to my current initiative, whatever it may be.

It’s like the universe is saying “Are you sure?” I get the opportunity to double-check, which ends up strengthening my commitment.

What is the universe pressure-testing in your life?

Has an appealing new individual entered or re-entered your life just as your relationship has gotten challenging?

Has an opportunity for a free seven-course food tasting event cropped up just as you committed to sticking to an eating plan?

Has a special offer for a cruise popped up just as you committed to saving money for retirement?

Has a new job potential in a new city come across your radar just as you prepare for a move to a different city?

You get to choose what you explore. It’s up to you to decide what’s a temptation and what’s an opportunity.

Here’s what to ask yourself:

  • “Is this a temptation or an opportunity?” (Simple, eh?)
  • “What is the opportunity cost of pursuing this new potential? What will I have to give up to pursue it?”
  • “Does this new thing align with the big vision that I have for my life?”
  • “Is pursuing this coming from a grounded feeling, like trust, excitement, and love, or an ungrounded one, like fear, scarcity, or stress?”

If the questions above don’t give you the clarity that you’re seeking, you can book a free 30-minute mini session with me so that we can dive in further.