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A free 30-minute mini session is your gateway to increased focus and more sanity.

(Read: The start of your new, improved life.)

​Connecting on a video call allows us to make sure it’s a mutual fit, gives us an opportunity to discuss logistics and pricing, and provides you with value, to boot.

Here’s my guarantee: In 30 minutes, I’ll show you a thought that’s creating overwhelm, chaos, pressure, or stress for you.

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Here’s what mini session participants are saying about the experience: 

“Cristina helped me frame some ongoing struggles and ruminations in more empowering light. It really was illuminating. Cristina asked great, hard questions. I’m not in the habit of disclosing that much to someone I don’t know well, and certainly not during a relatively tumultuous period in my life…there was a freedom in that vulnerability.” 

“This was different than I thought it would be. Less rahrah. More introspective.” 

“Thanks again for the wonderful conversation, Cristina. It truly was great!!!” 

“I love how Cristina didn’t give up on me and try to rush me. That was amazing. She really gave me space to try to figure out where I’m at, while leading me in the right direction.”

“Cristina! You are the best!!!!! Every time I meet with [you] I feel so much confirmation about the value of coaching. You literally flipped my world this morning…I would never have gotten there without your coaching. Thank you! Thank you!”