Sprinting and Resting Strategy Session with Samantha Hoilett on the Half-Finished to Done Podcast

I recently shared on Instagram that I run my business on what I call a “sprint and rest” model— meaning I go heads-down in my business for a focused period, then take a ton of time off. 

This model works well for me because it allows me to work with my natural energy ebbs and flows, vs trying to be “consistent” every day and feeling bad that I’m not.

So in case you needed to hear this: You don’t need to be consistent in a traditional sense in order to be successful in business. (From the mouth of a Procrastination Coach.) 

After I posted about sprinting and resting on Instagram, Samantha Hoilett reached out to me to talk about her own decision to shift her business into a sprint and rest model. 

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Samantha’s business and personal reasons for wanting to move into a sprint and rest work style
  • Embedding healthy, time-bound urgency into your courses or programs
  • The value of having one core offer for your business
  • An example of a typical marketing cycle when sprinting and resting 
  • The value of going for the same goal multiple times, until it becomes easy 
  • What to take into consideration before establishing an alumnae membership
  • Non-traditional advice on whether or not you should discount services for repeat clients
  • How to handle negative opinions from others when you make changes in your business

Samantha Hoilett is a Launch Copywriter and Messaging Strategist for personal brands and small businesses. She takes a customer-oriented approach that focuses on building relationships, highlighting brand values, and helping her clients become leaders in their space so they can sell their offer in a clear magnetic way that attracts ideal clients.


Samantha Hoilett, Launch Copywriter + Messaging Strategist

Instagram: @samanthahoilett.writes


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