Shannon Mattern: WordPress Training for DIYers and web designers

If you struggle to get started on tasks and projects in your business that involve technology, this episode is for you.

Tech procrastination is putting off anything tech-related in your business, and I knew that my colleague Shannon Mattern of the Web Designer Academy would be the perfect person to dig into this topic here on the podcast.

Join us as we talk about the thought processes and emotions that cause tech procrastination—like analysis paralysis, overwhelm, frustration, and inadequacy—and how to work through them.

Shannon Mattern is the founder of the Web Designer Academy where she mentors web designers to create profitable, sustainable, and scalable web design businesses. She’s also the host of the Profitable Web Designer Podcast, the go-to resource for marketing, mindset, money, management, and mentorship for web designers who want to create businesses that provide freedom, flexibility, and financial independence.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Recognizing and addressing the mental and emotional obstacles on your business journey
  • How Shannon had to overcome perfectionism and imposter syndrome in order to hit  her business and personal goals
  • Her experience with coaching and the value she received
  • Making the shift from undercharging and over-delivering to avoid burnout
  • Tech procrastination: What it is, and why it might be happening in your business
  • Mindset reframes to work through tech procrastination
  • The importance and impact of language in your communication with clients


Shannon Mattern, founder of the Web Designer Academy

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