Do you ever find yourself in a rush to do, do, do? You feel anxious, so you try to cure it by jumping into action? I get it. I half-jokingly describe myself as a “lifelong strong-armer,” meaning I’ve historically just strong-armed my way through life to make things happen, according to the plan I’ve crafted in my head. Upside: It (mostly) works. Downside: It’s tiring and inefficient.

But what I’ve learned more and more is the power of slowing down to speed up.

Meditating slows you down.

Planning (like I have you do in the 15-minute guide for getting into a deep work state) slows you down.

Coaching slows you down.

Tracking your time to understand where it’s going slows you down.

Setting up systems and processes slows you down.

Learning and studying slows you down.

Until they don’t.

Suddenly, you realize that investing time, energy, and money to understand yourself, center yourself, plan your time, and set up systems for yourself is actually one of the most efficient and effective uses of your resources.

How will you slow down to speed up today? Hit reply to let me know.

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