I’ve thought long and hard about how I can best serve the Pique Coaching community right now, mid-pandemic.

I’ve talked about this a lot: For many people, quitting procrastination is the farthest thing from their minds right now; but for others, this is the golden hour. Your time to solve the decades-long challenge of procrastinating against your own will.

But for many in the small group who are raring to go, finances are a challenge right now.

If that’s you, I am thrilled to announce that I am offering a scholarship spot for my upcoming group coaching program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE.

It’s where we’ll be taking all of the content from the course Half-Finished to Done: How to Nip Procrastination in the Bud, Complete Your Projects, + Create the Results that You Want in Life, and applying it in a hands-on, interactive, live setting.

Walk in with a finishing problem; leave having solved procrastination for yourself. Your evidence? That project that’s been on the back burner will officially get finished. (I think that calls for another party popper: 🎉)

This scholarship is valued at $500 USD.

I invite you to apply if you:

If you’re in: Head here to fill out the 7-question application by 12pm ET on Friday, 4/17.

Not for you, but know someone who might love this opportunity? I’d love for you to forward this post along to them!

*Not sure if it’s money holding you back? Here’s a surefire sign: If I offered a money back guarantee for the group coaching program, would you be more willing to invest? If so, it’s likely not a money challenge as much as a challenge of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Happy to coach you on that.

Excited about Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, but not in need of a scholarship? Head here for more information