Money communities, unflappability, and generosity with James Lenhoff

In this episode, I chat with James Lenhoff — an author, Certified Financial Planner®, and a  fellow life coach — about how he’s seeking to change the conversation around money. We joked that James is an unflappable life coach ninja, but in all seriousness, he has so much wisdom to share on the importance of an improved money mindset. 

We dive into:

  • Isolation and shame when it comes to money — and how to combat it with money communities
  • The importance of cross-generational money mentors 
  • The benefit of having an abundance fund and the three things that get in the way of generosity
  • How to teach your kids about money in an authentic, real way 

To hear more from James, check out The Rich Life Radio Show and visit the Wealthquest website.


  • “It’s great to make mistakes; we just want to be making new ones.”
  • “The thing about money is that it is second maybe only to your sex life in terms of awkward things to talk about.” 
  • “When it comes to money, we all make the same mistakes. The question is, when are we going to make them and how much are they going to cost?” 
  • “My job isn’t to raise really big kids. My job is to raise grown-ass humans.” 
  • “I thought I was protecting them. I thought that I was keeping them from having to carry this weight…what I was actually doing was preventing intimacy.” 
  • “Generosity is the key to living a rich life.” 
  • “If you give it to them with strings attached…then you’re really not giving it to them, you’re manipulating them…That’s not generosity. That’s control.” 

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Disclaimer: The ideas and opinions expressed by James Lenhoff and me, Cristina Roman, do not constitute financial advice. Listeners should seek the input of their own financial, tax, and legal professionals before acting on any recommendation from this or any other episode.