Values: knowing where to direct your attention in a chaotic world

I really struggled to record this episode for several reasons. First, because values feel like such a “squishy” (read: intangible and abstract) topic and second, because I wanted to do justice to a concept that every single guest in season one of the podcast mentioned in some way, shape, or form.

So, I took the lazy way out: Asking my inner voice to do this episode for me 🙂 Luckily, it delivered. When I asked what values are, I got a few responses that I loved: “Raison d’être,” “Reasons for getting out of bed,” “Where mind, body, and spirit meet,” and “Our life-force.” 

And when I asked the importance of knowing our own values, I heard: “[Knowing] where to direct your attention in a chaotic world.”

If you feel a nagging sense that you might be living a life out of line with your own values in at least one area of life, I encourage you to give this episode a listen. 

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