You probably think that you don’t have enough self-trust.

When you think you should have more self-trust than you do, you beat yourself up, hold yourself back from opportunities, and live in a self-fulfilling prophecy….all of which—ironically—erodes your self-trust even more.

One of the biggest ways that you erode your self-trust is by setting yourself up for failure, then being mad at yourself when you inevitably fail.

Putting way too many things on your calendar or to-do list, then being pissed when you don’t do all of it.

Not giving yourself enough breaks, and then feeling burnt out.

Working on a ton of different projects at once, and then being upset that you don’t finish any.

Setting up an ambitious goal, and then being crushed that you didn’t hit it.

Or knowing that you need to develop skills to help you stop procrastinating and start managing your projects with more ease…but holding yourself back from getting the help you need.

Here’s how I can help you solve this: First, I’ll help you see how you’re actively breaking your own self-trust, and why you’re doing it. There’s always a hidden purpose behind your decisions; it’s just often misguided.

Then, I’ll show you how to rebuild your relationship with yourself, one step at a time.

    This is the work we do in Half-Finished to Done, LIVE. Let’s hop on a consult and talk through any hesitations that you have about your self-trust. I’ll give you doable strategies that we can implement during our 8 weeks together. 

    And here’s something to consider: You might be concerned about joining Half-Finished to Done, LIVE because you think you don’t have enough self-trust. But if you did think you had enough self-trust, you wouldn’t even be considering joining a program called Half-Finished to Done, LIVE! 

    So don’t let your doubt about your level of self-trust hold you back from a program specifically designed to help you build self-trust.  

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    P.S. This was posted by a client in Week 6 of 8 in the program. Here’s what happens when you take on your projects in a new way:

    “I’ve made a huge amount of progress, which has resulted in a better work product, produced in less time and in a much better emotional state, and more rest and relaxation once I’m done with work. (Yay!)”