Let’s talk about your level of energy in your business. When I refer to energy, I mean 4 different kinds of energy:

  • Cognitive
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical

Lack of energy is one of the biggest reasons that people who want to say yes to my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, don’t.

Here’s the #1 problem that I see when it comes to energy management: You’re likely treating your energy like a nonrenewable resource.

This means you’re constantly trying to preserve your energy—but you do it in ways that actually end up depleting your energy over time.


  • Pushing off decisions
  • Putting off your work until “later”
  • “Resting” in ways that drain your energy, like mindlessly scrolling social media and binging Netflix
  • Avoiding hard convos with your clients, contractors, or family members
  • Giving in to others (but building up resentment inside)
  • Doing it yourself because you think it will be easier that way
  • Winging it with no plan

And because you’re so focused on these misguided attempts to conserve energy, you’re not spending time to figure out and do things that would actually give you more energy.


  • Getting your most important work done
  • Going on a walk or working out
  • Taking a real mental break
  • Closing open mental loops by making decisions
  • Letting go of something that you’ve been holding on to unnecessarily
  • Delegating in your business and personal life
  • Setting and enforcing better boundaries
  • Setting up a plan ahead of time that you just need to execute on daily

Here’s the two-part solution:

  1. Find any energy leak and repair it, one step at a time
  2. Pinpoint things that are energy-giving for you, and create the conditions to make it easy to do them

This is the work we do in my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE. Let’s hop on a consult and talk through any hesitations that you have about your energy. I’ll give you doable strategies that we can implement during our 8 weeks together. 

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P.S. This was posted by a client in Week 6 of 8 in the program. Here’s what happens when you take on your projects in a new way:

“I’ve made a huge amount of progress, which has resulted in a better work product, produced in less time and in a much better emotional state, and more rest and relaxation once I’m done with work. (Yay!)”