I want to tell you a story about taking action, using anti-racism work as an example.

You may have seen my Instagram post, with the words “I don’t know” on the image.

I called myself out for indulging and spinning in confusion about how to do anti-racism work, instead of actually taking action.

After that post, I got to work thinking of how I could be more anti-racist in my business, and one idea that I came up with was to earmark a scholarship spot in my coaching programs for someone doing racial justice work.

I included it in one email, and boom: A client passed the email to her friend, who is a Black woman doing incredible work on increasing access to advanced directives (read: legal documents like living wills) among Black Americans. That woman then passed it to her friend, who is doing work that raises up the music of Black women.

I spent a weekend intensive with these two women and three others, watching the joy, frustration, angst, and love cross their faces, like it does with all of my clients who are breaking through procrastination and finishing projects.

And I realized this: I took a teeny, tiny step (one email), and it gained momentum far beyond me.

I’m hesitant to share this. I don’t want to tokenize these women, reducing them to only their skin color.

I don’t want to assume that people of color doesn’t have the same financial means necessary to pay full price; that in and out itself is problematic.

And I don’t want to glorify white people for taking tiny baby steps and calling it good.

But what I do want to emphasize is that one small action can have ripple effects.

It’s true in anti-racism work; it’s true in all of life.

If you don’t know what to do, do something and see if it works.

And while I have you, I’d love your help filling the next scholarship spot.

There’s a scholarship spot for the next round of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE (which kicks off on August 17th) and it’s earmarked for someone who is doing racial justice work.

If that is you or someone you know, would you shoot me an email and let me know? Thanks in advance!

P.S.This story has been shared with permission from both women. We talked about how to be a better ally, and they both said “Share this story.”