Half-Finished to Done Client Story: Kara Linette Cromwell
Our guest today is my former client and brand strategist, Kara Linette Cromwell.
As the owner of Branded in Purpose, Kara helps solopreneurs gain the brand clarity they need to communicate their value, attract their dream clients, and sell their expertise.
In this episode, she shares how joining Half-Finished to Done, LIVE has transformed her experience with being a multi-passionate, location-independent business owner by allowing her to get more done, with more ease.
Listen in as we discuss:
  • Why Kara made an immediate decision to join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE
  • The value she saw in Half-Finished to Done, LIVE before she even joined
  • How the program has helped her get more done without taking away from her multi-passionate
  • Embracing the idea of your brain being a renewable resource
  • How Kara learned to balance the freedom and the autonomy of a location independence business
  • Applying the Bare Minimum Challenge when life happens
  • Showing up as your most authentic self while still making space for being fallible
  • The impact that she is having on the people around her as a result of completing Half-Finished to Done, LIVE
Kara Linette Cromwell, Brand Strategist
Instagram: @brandedinpurpose

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