Best Practices for Better Projects, with Procrastination Coach Cristina Roman of Pique Coaching

In my 3 years in this business, I’ve made a shit ton of mistakes when it comes to projects!

In this episode, I’m taking all of the lessons learned from my mistakes, and turning them into 8 best practices that you can implement immediately for better projects in your business. 

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What’s inside this episode:

  • Question the assumption that you can’t be creative on a timeline 
  • Create “just in time” projects
  • Spend time revamping and repurposing old projects, instead of always creating from scratch
  • Use your 8-week project sprints to know exactly what skill set you need to develop next 
  • Do it bare minimum style [make your projects as simple and streamlined as possible for yourself, but also for your stakeholders, the people who are going to benefit from this project]
  • Get to know your Zone of Value, and then spend as much time as possible there
  • Make yourself earn the right to work on specific projects
  • Stop changing the result that you want from your projects—instead, ask yourself to step up to hit your desired goal

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