Half-Finished to Done Podcast: Productivity Power Zone

As a Procrastination Coach, people bring tons of issues to me: Half-finished projects, clutter, punctuality, procrastination, struggling to focus, and so much more. 

One day, I realized that every single one of these issues boils down to one or more of just 4 things:

  • Time: Understanding and liking where your time goes
  • Focus: Your ability to tune out distractions, minimize interruptions, and go heads down on one specific thing for 60-90 minutes at a time 
  • Priorities: Identifying what your priorities are, liking those priorities, and acting accordingly
  • Commitment: Your ability to overcome obstacles all the way to your desired results

Together, these 4 elements make up your Productivity Power Zone. And when you can figure out how to maximize your unique Productivity Power Zone, your business becomes more effective, and way more fun. 

Listen in as I walk you through each of these 4 areas and give you solutions for improving your relationship with each one. 

And if you’d like me to run you through a Productivity Power Zone assessment, be sure to book a 45-minute, 1:1 consult with me below. 


Half-Finished to Done, LIVE consult, where we run you through a Productivity Power Zone Assessment

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