Half-Finished to Done Client Story: Jeffrey Kramer

Our guest today is my former client and an expert on perfectionism, Jeffrey Kramer.

As an author, speaker, life, and business coach, Jeff helps people who are struggling with perfectionism become what Perfectly Unhackable in work, life, and play.

He knows firsthand how much perfectionism can affect not only your work life, but your interpersonal relationships, too.
In this episode he shares how my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, provided a simple, sensible, repeatable and diagnosable process that he could follow to actually get his most important projects done.
Listen in as we discuss:
  • Why Jeff joined my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE
  • How Half-Finished to Done, LIVE has helped him to escape the Half-Finished Project Vortex
  • The role of your emotions in project execution
  • How to work through the feeling of overwhelm
  • How perfectionism impacts both your work life and your interpersonal relationships
  • Jeff’s Perfection Paradox philosophy, explained
  • The three different types of perfectionism
  • Jeff’s biggest breakthroughs, revealed
Jeffrey Kramer:  Author, Speaker, Life and Business Coach for Perfectionism  
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