The 4 Reasons You Procrastinate

As a procrastinator, you’ve probably asked yourself “Why do I keep procrastinating, even though I know that it’s keeping me from getting the results that I actually want?”

This is an important question, since first understanding why you procrastinate is crucial if you want to stop doing it.

This episode will give you insight into the top 4 reasons why you procrastinate, and will help you work through the confusion and angst that you might be feeling as a self-proclaimed procrastinator.

As you listen, think about all of the things that you normally procrastinate on and identify which of the following 4 buckets they fit into:

  • Things that you genuinely don’t want to do
  • Things that you can’t do
  • Things that feel completely intolerable
  • Things you genuinely want to do, that you can learn to reframe in your mind

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