Introducing: Half-Finished to Done, LIVE

Produce high-caliber projects you're proud of, in less time (while actually having a life outside of your business.)

Half-Finished to Done, LIVE is the live, interactive, 8-week program for established business owners who want a sustainable way to take their projects from half-finished to done, on repeat.

Half-Finished to Done: The Course

In a nutshell: You'll walk away with one finished project, and a repeatable system for all of your future projects.

Enrollment for Half-Finished to Done, LIVE is now closed.

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Get this: The average business owner has more than 20 half-finished projects circulating in their mind at any given time.

If that’s you, too, then you’re in the right place. 

When you think of your business projects, you feel scattered, confused, and overwhelmed—which makes you avoid them even more.

The #1 mistake that I see my clients make: They think guilt-tripping and shaming themselves into finishing their projects will work, but it actually makes things worse.

Are you ready to try a different way?

(A way that involves less beating yourself up, and more clear, proactive, intentional action.) 

I’ll teach you how to finish any project, in 6 doable, enjoyable steps.

"Half-Finished to Done, LIVE is like having a kickass owner's manual/training program for the most radically powerful piece of technology you will ever have: Your mind."

This is the program for you if:

With Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, it's:



"I needed someone to help me figure out why I wasn't going from ‘information' to ‘implementation.’"
Half-Finished to Done, LIVE grad
Cristina Roman, Procrastination Coach

Wondering why I can paint such a vivid picture? I am the “before” and “after”

Hi, I’m Cristina Roman, and I’m a reformed half-finished project person. (Say that five times fast.)

I used to joke that the internet was scattered with my half-finished projects. Beneath the joke was a feeling that I wasn’t committed or focused enough to just follow through. Once the novelty of a new project wore off, I was off in search of the next shiny project to sink my teeth into.

Using the 6-step method that I will teach you, I became a project finisher. Since then, I have helped my clients—ambitious, established business owners just like you—do the same. 

Half-Finished to Done, LIVE grads are winning left and right:

(This could be you soon.) 

“[This is] the course I never knew I needed. I recommend this for those who call themselves 'idea people' who have trouble with follow-through."
"I've done other coaching programs before (focused on business), and none have touched on the foundations that Half-Finished to Done, LIVE has touched on. I've gotten more out of this experience than any other coaching experience that I've ever participated in."
"I didn't let my half-finished project sit in a folder like before. I took massive action. I created something tangible that's been inside my mind for several years, and now I can share it with the world."
My biggest wins:

* Finishing my project, proving to myself that I am a project finisher
* Drastic decrease in general anxiety
* Releasing shitty old programming + upgrading my system
* Participating in a group coaching situation + enjoying it!
* Being inspired to teach my daughter how to do this
* Gaining clarity around immediate goals for my work
* Learning how to overcome blocks + find focus
* Shifting from "try do everything" to "committed to priorities"
"During the past 4+ weeks, Mondays haven’t felt so ominous. I don’t have that usual pit in my stomach when I wake up wondering what in the hell I’m doing that day."
"Thank you to you for showing me that until I reprogram this talk track in my head, I will not move from where I stand. Also thank you for reminding us that the tool is not the answer. There is no magic planner, hack, program, etc that will change everything. There is only a decision and an action. Thank you to my cohort for their vulnerability which can allow me to see and learn things that apply to me."
"Thank you for the recommendation to join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE. I really did need a group of new, like-minded, passionate, vulnerable people in my life."
"Cristina [and this program] showing up for me a few months before all this pandemic chaos was an absolute GOD SEND (quote me)."
Kyle S.

Here's what's included in the program:

What's in store for our 8 weeks together:

Mark your calendar:

All 60-minute group calls take place on Zoom.

The current available cohort is at 10-11am ET on Wednesdays (9am CT, 8am MT, 7am PT, 4pm CET).
There may be a second cohort opening up at 10am ET on Tuesdays as well. 

Our weekly calls kick off on January 25, 2023, with a special one-day kickoff event on Friday, January 20.

All sessions are recorded.

If you're still on the fence, you're likely thinking one of these things:

When you’re on the cusp of making a decision that you know would bring value to your life, you might feel both scared of failing, and scared of all of the possibility that will open up for you if you succeed.

You then react to that fear by trying to convince yourself out of the beneficial decision.

This is a form of self-protection that keeps you safe, but playing small.

Sometimes it’s so subtle that you might not even be aware that you’re doing it.

Even though you know that it’s a powerful, valuable decision for you, you second guess, negotiate, rationalize, and justify why it doesn’t make sense to do it.

I see my clients do this all of the time.

They feel hesitant about joining Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, so they tell me they need more time to think and process the decision. (To be clear, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; we just want to know what’s really behind your decision.) 

The antidote to talking yourself out of beneficial decisions is to sell yourself repeatedly on the value of the decision.

This is a skill set that you can develop with practice.

Here are some questions to explore:

  • How will this decision open up amazing new opportunities and pathways for me?
  • How might I get a 10x return on my investment of time, energy, and money with this decision?
  • Why will Future Me think that this was the right decision to pursue?
  • Why is taking action on this now so beneficial?
  • What is the cost of not acting on this decision now?

These questions are just the beginning; designed to help you open your mind.

Between you and me, I’m pretty sure every single person who has joined Half-Finished to Done, LIVE has thought this. 

Here’s what I suspect you’ve tried in the past: Absorbing tons of different tips and strategies, beating yourself up for not applying them in a way that works, telling yourself to “just do it,” will-powering and white-knuckling, and getting stuck in the same self-fulfilling cycle. 

The vortex of half-finished projects, as I not-so-fondly like to call it.

Here’s what you’ll learn and apply with me: Understand exactly why you haven’t been finishing projects, and understand the exact inputs needed for a finished product. 

During our time together, you’ll learn to generate productive thoughts and productive feelings, process unpleasant feelings (instead of resisting them), plan ahead, take massive action, anticipate obstacles, and understand your wins so that you can replicate and amplify them. 

You might have convinced yourself that this won’t stick or that you’ve tried something just like this before, but I’m going to ask you to play in a world where the following is true:

Maybe this is different. 

Maybe this will help me get to the root cause of my half-finished projects. (Not just treat the symptoms.)

Maybe I’m ready.

Maybe I can learn to trust myself again.

If that could be true, would you take the leap?


May I be bold?

If you knew how to solve this problem on your own, you likely would have already. 

And even if you do know how to solve it, I’m confident that I can help you do it faster, more efficiently, and with less pain.

I also encourage you to really examine the opportunity cost of doing it on your own. It might seem scary to make an upfront financial investment, but in the long run, it will likely save you thousands of dollars in reclaimed time, energy, and revenue. 

I’ve coached dozens of business owners through the exact challenges that you’re experiencing, and I can help you, too. 

The Project Finisher Guarantee

Your Half-Finished to Done, LIVE experience is guaranteed.

I know that joining a coaching program can feel nerve-wracking.

This is why you automatically get the Project Finisher Guarantee when you enroll—finish a project in 8 weeks, or enroll in the next round for free.

The guarantee requires that you’ve taken a set of specific action steps, so ask me about the guarantee when we meet!

Enrollment for Half-Finished to Done, LIVE is now closed.

If you would like to consider 1:1 coaching instead, please click below for more details and to book your 45-minute consult:


Half-Finished to Done, LIVE is for you if:

  • You have more than handful of half-finished projects in your business
  • You know that you have important work to get out into the world but it feels scary or overwhelming
  • You’re ready to dig into the mental and emotional pieces of project finishing
  • You want to master a simple, repeatable project finishing process that you can use over and over
  • You love the idea of finishing your project without sacrificing other areas of your life or burning yourself out
  • You’re excited about being part of a supportive, diverse but like-minded cohort to do this work with

It’s not for you if you’re looking for a quick fix, you’re not in the right headspace to investigate your emotions, you feel completely numb or frozen, or you’re in the middle of intense grief, depression, or anxiety. 

On your application, I’ll run you through a Productivity Power Zone assessment, where we’ll check in on your current relationship to focus, time, prioritization, and commitment. 

This assessment is super accurate at predicting whether you’re ready for the program or not. If you are, we’ll get you enrolled!

And if you’re not ready, I’ll help you figure out what needs to happen to get yourself ready for the next round. 

In the Pique Coaching world, we define projects as:

  1. Something with a specific purpose and outcome
  2. That has multiple steps
  3. That can be done on a specific timeline
  4. That is designed specifically to generate a return on the time and energy you invest (in the form of more positive emotions, more money, more time, more social capital, and more impact)

Here are some examples of projects that you might want to complete in an 8-week Half-Finished to Done, LIVE sprint:

  • Recording an audiobook
  • Writing a section of a book
  • Creating an evergreen online training
  • Designing and hosting a webinar series
  • Recording a musical album
  • Creating a simple website
  • Putting together a live virtual or in-person event
  • Launching a podcast
  • Writing a landing page
  • Putting together sales collateral
  • Doing a research project or paper
  • Organizing and decorating an office space
  • Executing on a study guide for a continuing ed certification or program
  • Writing a client or employee handbook
  • Setting up client tracking systems
  • Writing a marketing automation
  • Setting up your business’ financial systems

Once you realize that you have valuable projects waiting to be done in your business, you’ll start seeing project ideas everywhere.

Let me teach you how to harness all of those awesome ideas into finished projects, done in a way that you love, with results that you love.

Here is a list of the real topics we’re likely to cover in your 8-week round of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, depending on what you and the rest of the cohort needs:

  • Prioritizing client work over your own work
  • Getting things done right before the deadline
  • Chronically underestimating how long things will take you
  • Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start with things
  • Letting go of projects and tasks that no longer fit with where you’re going
  • Feeling guilty about saying no to people (like clients, contractors, friends, and family)
  • Fear of success and fear of failure
  • Letting your emotions take over and derail your projects
  • Not knowing what to work on in any given moment
  • Feeling embarrassment or guilt about procrastination
  • Working with other people who aren’t doing what you want them to
  • Overworking on nights and weekends to compensate for bad work hygiene during the day
  • Making an overly optimistic plan—and then not following it
  • Feeling like there’s never a moment that your brain is truly turned off
  • Endlessly tweaking and editing things to make sure they’re “right”

The solution to these often feels like ripping off a Band-Aid: Painful for a few minutes, then sweet relief.

It is tough to do that on your own—you’re literally asking yourself to feel temporary pain, on purpose—but it’s much easier when you have the support of me (a Productivity Coach) and an entire cohort of people dedicated to your success and well-being.

Together, we’ll help you come up with doable solutions, actually do them, work through any negative emotions that come up along the way, and then celebrate the hell out of your wins.

Most business owners do projects like this:

Get a great idea out of the blue. Think about it constantly, maybe put it into action. Hit an unforeseen obstacle; lose excitement or run out of steam, stop working on it, feel guilty. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The Half-Finished to Done, LIVE way is different…before, during, and after.


  • Slow down, investigate what you’re trying to achieve with your next project using the 5 types of project ROI, and choose accordingly
  • Lean into your Zone of Value (where your interests, strengths, and desires overlap with your stakeholders’ needs)
  • Make a simple project plan that takes into account what else is happening in your life, your historical patterns of self-sabotage and how you’ll specifically combat them this time, and true rest (mind off + time off)


  • Practice stellar work hygiene—like setting up distraction-free work time, motivating yourself with empowering thoughts instead of fear, and proactively managing your boundaries
  • When you hit unforeseen roadblocks, make adjustments to the plan and document them (so that you can easily spot recurring patterns)
  • Notice when you’re starting to fall into patterns of disengagement (like boredom, resignation, or overwhelm), and actively re-engage yourself


  • Celebrate!
  • Evaluate the experience: What did you learn? What did you do well? What do you want to do differently next time? What are you believing about yourself now, that you weren’t believing just a few weeks ago?
  • Reap the benefits of your finished project: More positive emotions (like accomplishment, confidence, and pride), more time, more impact, more social capital, and more money
  • Take a rest period before gearing up for your next project

If you want this experience—for your next project and all of the future projects in your business: It’s time to join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE.

You can expect to commit about 3-4 hours per week to the program, plus the time you’ll choose to spend on your project (which I’ll help you figure out, depending on the scope of your project).  

This includes:

  • Attending the weekly live coaching call
  • Doing your weekly homework
  • Asking for additional help, or reviewing the resources I direct you to  
Fun fact: If you feel pressed for time, keep in mind that 4 hours per week is just 2.38% of your week, and all of the time you invest in the program is designed to get you more of what you want…including time! 

Early on in the program, we’ll figure out which of the 5 types of Project ROI matter most to you—time, money, social capital, impact, and/or positive emotions—and help you design a project that’s guaranteed to give you what you’re looking for, in a way that you like.

And besides the confidence of consistently finishing extraordinary projects, on repeat, whenever they want to, my clients have reported wins like: 

  • Their spouses commenting on how much calmer they seem
  • “Unprecedented harmony” with their partners, because they’ve learned to set real boundaries and do what they say they’re going to do
  • Teaching their kids these “focus tools” so they don’t struggle as much to get things done
  • The ability to apply these business skills to other areas of their lives, like packing, moving, renovating a house, or developing a new hobby
  • Raising their prices
  • Having a massage therapist comment about how much less stress one client was carrying in her body
  • Better, more relaxing and more frequent vacations
  • Taking care of themselves when they’re sick, instead of “pushing through”

After your first 8-week round of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, you’ll have the option to rejoin for the next round.

Many clients decide to re-enroll in order to put their project-finishing skills on autopilot, get my continued feedback, affirm their confidence in the process with a different project, experience the program with a different cohort, or take on a daring new challenge that they want support on.

You might also get exactly what you need in you first round, and feel confident working the process on your own for your next project, using your strengthened intrinsic motivation. 

Either way, you’ll go through a “recalibration period” as you make the process your own. I’m always there to support you through this.

When you finish the program, you’ll also be welcomed into the Half-Finished to Done, LIVE grad community.

This gives you access to free, live continuing ed workshops, just for program alumni. These happen roughly quarterly. They’re a chance to meet business owners from other cohorts, learn the new concepts I’m developing, and get my coaching on whatever’s coming up for you.

Glad you asked! You can listen to client stories on the Half-Finished to Done Podcast, which can be found here or on your preferred podcasting app.

Just look for any episode with “Half-Finished to Done Client Story” in the title. 

Awesome. Bring it to your 45-minute, 1:1 consult and we’ll talk through it. 

Here are a few resources that you can check out in the meantime, that might answer your questions: