One of my clients came to me because she’s been spending a lot of time spinning in her business.

Every day, she’s been telling herself “I have no idea what to do next.”

This leads her into an endless cycle of urgency, confusion, and defeat.

Wondering what to do next. Thinking of cool ideas but not putting them into action. Feeling despair that she’s never to get the results that she really wants. Beating herself up for mistakes that she made in her last business, and telling herself “This is just like last time.”

(Can you relate?)

So, I led her through the 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle:

  1. Crafting a 3-year vision
  2. Aligning her identity and emotions
  3. Acting as if

When she did her 3-year vision, she immediately wrote down “I am the go-to coach in my niche,” which made her feel clear, joyful, proud, and confident.

Her first reaction was excitement, quickly followed by “Yeah, but I have no idea how to make that happen.” (Bam: Right back to confusion, urgency, and defeat.)

But then something awesome happened.

She started acting as if (the third step).

Instead of staying in her negative emotions, she started asking herself “If I were already the go-to coach, what would I do right now?”

It changed not only the actions she’s taking, but her energy as she takes action.

Now that she’s taking more aligned actions, her results are changing.

Immediately, she coached better in a client session and her client started reporting more wins. People are asking her to send over her speaking rates (when she’s never charged before). She started making money off of her social media presence. She’s speaking more clearly to her best potential clients, not just anyone. Her client gave her name and info to another potential dream client.

This is the power of working the full Anti-Procrastination Cycle.

Come see for yourself at the 5-day Anti-Procrastination Challenge. Just click here to enroll for free. We’re live from August 8-12, 2022. 

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See you inside the challenge!