The 5-day Anti-Procrastination Challenge is going to be an energizing, lively, interactive experiment as we work through the 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle:

1️⃣ Craft a vision

I’ll help you get crystal-clear on what you want to create in your business and in the rest of your life in the next 3 years—and then we’ll help you double what you think is possible.

Procrastination can’t stand up to a compelling vision that pulls you forward.

2️⃣ Align your identity + emotions

Who you’ll be when you accomplish your vision is different from how you’re currently operating in your life. We’ll get you clear on how the most productive, relaxed, joyful version of you operates, so that you can start thinking and feeling like that person now.

3️⃣ Act as if

You’ll become the new version of yourself daily by taking micro-actions. I’ll help you pinpoint exactly where you’ve struggled to take action in the past and why, then help you focus on just a few high-impact actions that you can take right now in order to move forward, with less procrastination.

As we go through the Anti-Procrastination Cycle, you’ll watch people get clear on what they want in their businesses; realize what they don’t actually care about what they thought they did; and start making more aligned, inspired decisions.

And you’ll be one of them, because:

✅ You understand that having an unclear or uninspiring longer-term vision for your business is costing you (money, time, energy, and angst)

✅ You know that your current decisions are confusing, because you’re not clear on where you’re headed

✅ The idea of creating and sharing your vision in a group setting makes you feel alive and nervous, in the best way possible

✅ You love that this isn’t goal-setting and it’s not manifestation; it’s a process for defining and living your vision now

✅ You get that the 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle is a tool that can be used over and over and over again

✅ You’re intrigued by the idea of boiling down your complex emotions into a personalized emotional roadmap that helps you feel how you want to feel, more often

Ready? Click here to register for the Anti-Procrastination Challenge. We’re live from August 8-12, 2022. 

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See you inside the challenge!