I remember sitting at a table at a jungly outdoor restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, surrounded by several new friends who I had decided to introduce over brunch.

Every single one of the women was lively, engaged, fun, and pursuing something interesting in their business.

I remember thinking “Wow, this is exactly what I envisioned for my life. I just got the timeline and location wrong.”

You see, just a few months earlier, I had planned to move to Miami. I had literally visualized being at a table somewhere in Miami, surrounded by inspiring, cool new friends, laughing our asses off.

But when I got to Miami with my mom and my car packed full of stuff, I realized very quickly that it wasn’t for me. In fact, we were only there for a week and a half before I had the GTFO. (Lesson learned: Maybeeee don’t move somewhere without ever visiting…but never say never 😂)

After a mini-existential crisis, I decided to move to Playa del Carmen on a whim, settle in, and start meeting people. That’s how I ended up at that brunch that day.

Here’s the point, as it relates to the upcoming Anti-Procrastination Challenge: The purpose of crafting a vision isn’t to be attached to it happening exactly as you intend.

The point is to use visioning as a tool to better understand your desires; to stretch your idea of what you think is possible for yourself; to get clear on how you want to feel; and to start making clear, aligned decisions that increase the probability of getting closer to your intended vision.

For me, that meant:

👉 Being honest with myself that even though I could make Miami work, I didn’t want to

👉 Being crystal-clear on the kind of people I wanted to spend time around

👉 Working to believe that the people I want to be around also want to be around me (because I am fun, inspiring, and generous)

👉 Being open, receptive, and proactive (which is how I met one woman through Instagram, another at a cafe, and a third on a random rooftop)

👉 Making sure that I had plenty of free time, so that I could be open to spontaneous connections and conversations

👉 Getting clear on what I wouldn’t do: Force myself to go to meetups, pressure myself into making friends, or hang out with people I didn’t genuinely click with

This is the 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle in action: Craft a vision; align your identity and emotions; and act as if.

Come try it for yourself at the Anti-Procrastination Challenge. Just click here to enroll for free. We’re live from August 8-12, 2022. 

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See you inside the challenge!