The promise of Monday Hour One—the time blocking system that I teach—starts simply enough: Get more done, in less time.

You plan; you calendar; you do.

But then….? Shit gets real interesting, real fast.

Because anything you resist, don’t show up for, or settle on in your Monday Hour One schedule is like a neon arrow pointing us directly to your next breakthrough.

Monday Hour One is data collection—and we need data in order to solve problems.

We want to know that you’re:

…constantly giving yourself a ridiculous amount of work that you can’t possibly finish (and then feeling terrible about all you didn’t accomplish)

…saying yes to a whole bunch of shit that you don’t actually want to do

…underselling yourself by telling yourself that it’s “good enough” to put small, truly achievable goals on your calendar (even though you ache for more)

…overpacking your schedule because you’re afraid of being bored, lonely, and restless

…not showing up for your plans, because your out-of-control negative emotions are running the show

…feeling blindsided by predictable things, to avoid having to set tough boundaries

…constantly tinkering with your schedule, so you don’t have to do the work, put yourself out there, and risk rejection

…allowing other people’s requests to fill your calendar, so you can avoid thinking about the fact that your dream is to run your own show (and that terrifies you)

None of this means that Monday Hour One has gone wrong; it means that everything is right on schedule.

It means that we’ve found the real crux of the problem, and can finally solve it.

Without Monday Hour One, we wouldn’t know these things with such clarity.

So, once you’re using Monday Hour One, if things don’t go according to plan or you’re worried that you’re not doing it “right,” remind yourself: “This is data collection.”

And lucky for you, I’m trained at sorting through data, to get to the root of the problem with laser-like precision.

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