I have a button-nosed angel of a niece (who also happens to have a rebellious, mischievous streak). She’s almost three, and I adore her.

I particularly love watching her navigate the world.

She used to point to something and, in her adorable little toddler voice, ask me “Titi, what is it?”

I used to give her an answer. But one day I paused and just said, “You tell me.”

And wouldn’t you know it, she could tell me exactly what it was.

I realized that she didn’t need me to give her an answer; I could “hold space” for her to find her own answers.

(Tell me you have an aunt for a life coach without telling me you have an aunt for a life coach 😂)

This increases her confidence, resourcefulness, and self-reliance way more than me telling her the answer.

It’s the same thing with coaching.

I can give you answers all day long, but you miss the opportunity to develop your own opinions, your own critical thinking, and your own strategies.

So, when you attend a Pique workshop or join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, don’t expect me to give you an immediate answer. Expect me to help you find your own.

And warning: This process might annoy you; you might roll your eyes; you might insist to me that you truly don’t know the answer (in a very whiny voice, might I add). But I promise that we’ll have a good laugh about it.

As a client said to me recently, “…you never let up…”

She’s right; I don’t.

Trust it; this is 100 times more valuable for you in your life long-term than me spouting out the answer.

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