If you’ve been wanting to join my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, but you have some lingering hesitations, that’s more than okay.

It takes some of my clients two years to work up the nerve to reach out to me…and then they kick ass in the program.

You might be experiencing similar feelings to them, like:

Nervousness, about being vulnerable in a group setting.

Anxiety, about not knowing exactly how it will turn out.

Fear, that you’ll get behind or won’t have the success you want.

Doubt, about whether you’ll actually do the work.

Shame, about how past programs have gone for you.

Concern, about whether this program is really for you.

It’s all welcome here, and it’s all part of the process.

These feelings can feel like reasons not to move forward, but what if they’re the exact reason to do it?

Negative emotions may have stopped you in the past—but they don’t have to anymore.

Moving through procrastination and into project finishing is all about noticing your negative emotions, honoring them, and deciding to take action anyway, in a way that works for you.

(This is not to be confused with ignoring your emotions and white-knuckling through them in order to stay productive at all costs.)

You can’t and won’t ever get to a magical place where you don’t have any negative emotions—so the work is about allowing these emotions to be there as part of your experience.

When you join Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, I will teach you simple techniques for how to understand and manage your emotions even more deeply.

And it won’t just be negative emotions—you’ll also be doubling your feelings like joy, pride, satisfaction, accomplishment, delight, self-assurance, confidence, and so many more.

In the meantime: Come as you are, nerves and all.

It all starts with the next round of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, the program for those who want to master a sustainable, fun, repeatable project process and start enjoying life as a project finisher. 

Click here to get started.

P.S. Almost single one of my clients will tell you that they had to work through fears and doubts in order to say yes to the program.

Here are some of their wins:

“I’ve become more able to feel a sense of accomplishment and completion at the end of the workday, and more able to feel free and relaxed after work is done, since I have more of a sense that whatever remains to be done will actually get accomplished in the near future. Huge win.”

“In the past, I had a difficult time starting a task and most tasks would not be completed. Now I am able to create a schedule for myself that frees me from mental anguish and I am able to start tasks as they up on my calendar.”

“I used to be hyper-focused on needing a certain schedule because I thought that would fix it all. But the ‘realer’ a schedule I create, the more I get done, while also feeling better about myself.”

“I made a lot of headway on my project and I know that I will finish. The fact that I didn’t fully overcome the tech glitches was a big deal for me. I like things to be perfect. But by letting go of perfection, I know the project will get done and I can schedule time to fix the glitches later. This is uncomfortable for me. But I’d rather sit with the discomfort and get the project done, than stall because I can’t figure something out.”

“I think I’ve always known I am a finisher, but I just didn’t know my own capacity and what it looks and feels like. I now know what it’s like when I show up consistently—the pride, the feeling of accomplishment. At the end of the day, I feel so satisfied and I’m not asking myself, ‘What did I actually get done today?’”