There’s a phenomenon that happens in almost every single project.

It’s called the Valley of Despair.*

It’s the part of every project where it gets super tough.

You lose your excitement. Someone else isn’t pulling their weight anymore. People aren’t responding to the project with as much enthusiasm as you’d like. You’re starting to see just how much work the project really requires. The chaos of everyday life sneaks in, and takes precedence over your project. Your feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, and fear creep in. You realize that your original reasons for taking on the project aren’t as pure and clear as you first thought.

If it’s a project that’s particularly important to you, you might be able to push through this discomfort and finish it anyway.

But so often, we don’t keep going.

This is why our half-finished projects stack up: Because we don’t anticipate and plan for the Valley of Despair, so we’re blindsided when it comes.

And when we’re blindsided, we quit.

This is why when you join my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, I’ll teach you in depth about the Valley of Despair during the one-day kickoff event.

Ironically, knowing about the Valley of Despair makes it infinitely less painful to be there.

And during our 8 weeks together, I’ll remind you about this messy middle part. I’ll show you when you’re there, and we’ll work together to get you to the other side, in a loving, healthy way.

(Not by pushing through or white-knuckling.)

You’ll come out of the Valley of Despair stronger, more resilient, more proud…and with a finished project.

It all starts with the next round of Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, the program for those who want to master a sustainable, fun, repeatable project process and start enjoying life as a project finisher. 

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*This name comes from the Emotional Cycle of Change model, from Don Kelley and Daryl Connor.