Once people start mastering the skill sets that I teach, it hits them just how much time they’ve been wasting.

By spinning out on what to work on next.

By walking away when it gets hard, tedious, or frustrating.

By letting themselves get distracted by the internet, their partner, or the news.

By being blindsided by things they could have anticipated, and letting these bumps derail their whole day.

By trying to multi-task, when science says that’s not even a thing.

By trying to balance multiple projects at once, and doing each one half-heartedly.

By being constantly responsive to people who aren’t even their most important stakeholders.

By stalling on their to-do lists, because they find the tasks boring.

By using their downtime to worry about work, ensuring that it’s neither refreshing nor rejuvenating.

All of this low-quality time just prolongs how long it takes you to get to a finished result.

When you acknowledge how much time you’ve wasted, you have two choices: You can use this information to feel worse, which inevitably perpetuates the exact cycle you’re trying to escape.

Or you can use it as a powerful wake-up call.

An opportunity to stop tolerating these habits in yourself.

Once you decide to draw a line in the sand and change these habits, you can start selling yourself hard on all of the opportunity cost you’re about to reclaim.

Because if you left time on the table before, then it stands to reason that there’s time on the table for you to claim now.

Through a 60-minute deep work session, executed with focus and value in mind—no distractions.

Through a weekly Monday Hour One schedule, planned with your most important results in mind—all non-essentials eliminated.

Through an 8-week project sprint, with one concrete, important goal as your primary focus—no more dabbling.

Deep work, Monday Hour One, and project planning—these are the only 3 skills that you need to become a life-long project finisher.

Multiply them day over day, month over month, and you’ll be stunned at the time (and energy and money) you’ll reclaim along the way.

The quickest, most efficient way to master these 3 skills is to enlist help.

That help is inside Half-Finished to Done, LIVE, my coaching program for those who want to start enjoying life as a project finisher.

To get started today, click here.

Don’t delay taking action; you deserve all of that reclaimed time, money, and energy now.

Can’t wait to work with you!