Project finishing requires just 3 skill sets:

  • Deep work (how to plan and execute for one hour)
  • Monday Hour One (how to plan and execute for one week)
  • Project planning (how to plan and execute for 8 weeks)

Imagine that you felt 10/10 confidence in all 3 of these skill sets.

Here’s what this might look like for you:

  • You generate productive feelings on demand, so you actually enjoy the process of getting things done (bring on the joy and intrinsic motivation)
  • You know that when something is on your calendar, it’s as good as done, so you can fully relax when you have white space (this is true downtime)
  • You maximize your free time, so you’re more fulfilled, relaxed, and creative when you show up for work—and you know how to channel all of this into incredible work product
  • You acknowledge and move through negative emotions more quickly, so they don’t spin you out into procrastination
  • You blow your mind with the level of self-compassion you’re able to feel for yourself when you feel crappy—and you still follow through
  • You can focus on demand, so you feel the sweet satisfaction of being in flow more often
  • You genuinely enjoy being with your brain, coming up with new ideas, concepts, and strategies, so you carve out more deep work time to ideate
  • You repeatedly work to deepen your understanding of these 3 skills sets, so you’re no longer chasing productivity hacks and tricks
  • You learn to give yourself a realistic amount of work, so your level of self-trust and self-respect increases exponentially
  • You develop discernment and resilience, to know when to stick with your plan and when to pivot
  • You push yourself just the right amount, so you’re never left wondering if you’re reaching your potential or not
  • You’re awed at your own growing, evolving capacity, so you take on bigger, more challenging opportunities
  • Your level of tenacity, grittiness, and resourcefulness is at unprecedented levels

Pause to really imagine your life at 10/10 confidence with all 3 of these skill sets.

Is there anything else that I didn’t include above that would compel you to keep building these 3 skill sets?

And with your newfound 10/10 confidence, what else would be possible for you?

What else would you dare to put on your calendar?

That special project that’s been on your mind for years? A macaron making class? A trip with your kids to Harry Potter World? A two-week camping trip? Time to start outlining that book? A daily bath and reading time? More time to just be with your partner? A set launch date for your new program?

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