Growth opportunities, post-mortems, + strategic byproducts: Lessons from a podcast launch

In this solo episode, I talk about the experience of creating and launching a podcast, and how it’s provided me with “another f*cking growth opportunity.”  (Thanks to my awesome mom for that clever phrase.) 

Using The Pique Podcast as a case study, I dig into: 

  • My failed podcast launch in 2014 and how failing is the process of success, not the opposite of success
  • The concept of practicing discomfort on purpose and being willing to be with any emotions, even the negative ones 
  • My mission to continue to show up whole — in integrity — on the podcast and in life
  • Getting to a place where I’m proud of what I’ve created with this podcast, whether or not people give me words of affirmation 
  • The idea of strategic byproducts, the awesome “unanticipated side-effects” of doing something big and new in your life 
  • “Post-mortems” of each published podcast episode — a quick summary of the episodes, the feedback I’ve received on each one, and updates to my thinking about the content within each episode 

At the end of the episode, I give you four questions to help guide you on your own journey toward a big goal or creation in your own life. 

Resources mentioned: