Here is the 3-step Anti-Procrastination Cycle that you’ll learn at this week’s Anti-Procrastination Challenge:

  1. Crafting a 3-year vision
  2. Aligning your identity + emotions
  3. Acting as if

And one of the easiest, best ways to start benefitting from this cycle is to see where you’re already living the 3 steps.

So yes, you’ll create a vision for the future. But you’ll also start paying more attention to where you’re already clear on your vision and working towards it.

Yes, you’ll brainstorm what you want your emotional life to look like. But you’ll also start paying more attention to how and when you’re already experiencing the emotions you want to feel.

Yes, you’ll make decisions on what to do differently that will lead you closer to your vision. But you’ll also start paying more attention to what inspired decisions you’re already making on a regular basis.

You’ll leave the challenge with a deeper appreciation for yourself and your current life.

This matters because I have never (ever, ever) met a self-proclaimed procrastinator who felt deep appreciation for themselves on a consistent basis.

(Want to test this out for yourself? Just ask yourself: Do I feel deeply appreciated by myself and of myself, to the full extent possible, on a regular basis?)

So come to the Anti-Procrastination Challenge not just to make changes (which we’ll definitely do!), but to experience more self-appreciation, more often.

Ready? Click here to register for the challenge. We’re live from August 8-12, 2022. 

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See you inside the challenge!