Last week, I cried multiple times.

I was feeling physically exhausted.

Because I felt so drained, I didn’t want to do anything, which made me feel isolated.

After several conversations with supportive friends, family members, and coaches (and a lot of naps!), I started taking one small step forward at a time.

  • I find speaking gigs energizing, so I said yes to an opportunity that presented itself
  • I wanted to go on more fun, fancy dates, so I got back on the dating apps and proactively set up dates
  • I wanted to make more friends in my city, so I got on Bumble BFF
  • I wanted to deepen connections, so I shared more openly with some of my newer friends (wouldn’t you like to know the secrets I shared 😉)

I was living out the Anti-Procrastination Cycle that you’ll learn at the Anti-Procrastination Challenge:

  1. Knowing my vision (connection + spontaneity)
  2. Aligning my identity and emotions (vulnerable + open + trusting + fun)
  3. Acting as if (taking proactive, creative steps)

The Anti-Procrastination Cycle isn’t magic. It won’t prevent you from feeling negative emotions or having mini-existential crises.

But it will make you realize: Whatever you want, is out there right now. And as they say, “What you’re seeking is seeking you.”

Your best fit clients have almost certainly already been born; they exist and they need help.

People have money that they want to spend in order to solve their problems.

People have time to give you, in ways that work for both of you.

Someone in the world is teaching the exact skill that you want to develop.

Someone, somewhere, is asking their friend for referrals for your exact kind of business.

Or, in my case, cool people in my city are looking for more fun, inspiring people to be friends with and date (Cristina Roman, reporting for duty).

All of this already exists on the planet.

Your job is to open up access to it for yourself, by working the Anti-Procrastination Cycle.

Ready? Click here to register for the Anti-Procrastination Challenge. We’re live from August 8-12, 2022. 

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See you inside the challenge!