Ready to shift the way that you set up your project sprints?

In this episode, I’m sharing a fun, energizing way to make your project plans more simple, effective, and doable.

It’s called the Oprah Million Dollar Challenge, and it’s a hands-on exercise that I do with my clients in my program, Half-Finished to Done, LIVE. 

The challenge is a set of 5 questions that are designed to help you take high-value action on your most important project…without overcomplicating things.

This is an interactive episode so get out a pen and paper or an empty Google Doc, and get ready to answer each question. Let’s go!

Here are the Oprah Million Dollar Challenge questions:

  1. If you had to finish your project in just one week, how would you do it?
  2. If you had to 10x the original result that you wanted, how would you do it? 
  3. If you had to enjoy working on your project at least 75% of the time, how would you do it?
  4. Who is someone—real or fictitious—who you have no doubt could finish this project? What would they be thinking about themselves and the project that would make finishing inevitable? What would they be doing differently than you normally do?
  5. What would it require for you to get this project done in just one day?
  6. What would you spend absolutely no time, energy, and focus on, if you had a million dollars riding on this project? What would you stop doing that you’re currently doing?

Cheers to bringing the fun and energy back into project finishing!

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Sarah Arnold-Hall

The Alter Ego Effect™ by Todd Herman

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